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Longest Time Holding The Shoulder Flag Pose

00:58 United States

Talmatkadi held a shoulder flag pose for 40.56 seconds.

Longest Phone Call With One's Dad While Sitting On Someone's Shoulders


Tommy Chalk chatted with his dad on the phone for four minutes and 24.40 seconds while sitting on Mark Clementson’s shoulders.

Longest Time To Stand Straight On Someone's Shoulders


Daksh Choudhary stood straight on his father’s shoulders for 11 minutes, 10.73 seconds.

Largest Group Piggy-Back Hug

00:33 United States

A total of 40 piggy-backed pairs of students joined together for an 80-person group hug. Two of the participants included Maddie Bray and Abby Betazlel.

Most Shoulder-Level Perfect Pull-Ups In Three Minutes

03:11 United States

Alicia Weber completed 79 shoulder-level perfect pull-ups in three minutes.

Longest Shoulder Flag Pose While Wearing Two Two-Kilogram Ankle Weights

00:22 France

Vass T. held a shoulder flag pose for 18.10 seconds while wearing two-kilogram weights on his ankles.

Most Catches Of A Tennis Ball Thrown Over One's Own Shoulder In One Minute

01:02 United States

Brian Pankey completed 64 catches of a tennis ball thrown over his shoulder in one minute.

Most Times Reciting The English Alphabet While Standing On Someone's Shoulders


Daksh Choudhary recited the English alphabet 30 times while standing straight on his father’s shoulders.

Fastest Time To Count To 50 While Standing On Someone's Shoulders


Daksh Choudhary counted from 1 to 50 in 18.11 seconds while standing straight on his seated father’s shoulders.

Most Vertical Fist Pumps In 30 Seconds

04:17 United States

Abraham Collins completes 255 fist pumps in 30 seconds, a new world record. His feat beat the previous record by 15 pumps. Each vertical hand thrust counts as a pump. Collins set the record on April 14, 2009 in Trenton, New Jersey. Cody Conrad was present to document and count the pumps. tag:RecordSetterBook01

Fastest Time To Count To 200 By Fives While Standing Straight On Someone's Shoulders


Daksh Choudhary counted to 200 in increments of five in 32.40 seconds while standing straight on his father’s shoulders.

Farthest Distance To Walk Barefoot Over Broken Glasses While Balancing A Person On Shoulders

03:00 United States

Wes Barker walked barefoot over a pile of broken glass seven feet (2.13 meters) long while balancing a girl on his shoulders. Their total combined weight was 320 pounds. NOTE: This record is dangerous and should only be attempted by trained professionals

Most Expensive Item Purchased At A Cafe With Person Standing On Cashier's Shoulders

01:55 United States

Thom Wall purchased a coffee worth $2.08 at a cafe with Jeremy Fein standing on the cashier's shoulders. They set the record to celebrate RecordSetter World Record Day. #WorldRecordDay2012

Most Over-The-Shoulder Nunchucks Passes In 15 Seconds

00:17 United States

Brian Pankey performed 26 over-the-shoulder passes using nunchucks in 15 seconds.

Most Coins Balanced On Shoulder

00:50 South Africa

Petrus J. balanced 33 coins on his shoulder.

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