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Most People Sitting On Santa's Lap And Saying Their Christmas Wishes

01:04 United States

Emily Miethner and 11 other people sat on Santa's and said their Christmas wishes at the same moment. The record was set during an episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. RecordSetter co-founders Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson officiated the feat. #LNWJF

Most Times Sitting On A Whoopee Cushion And Saying "Merry Christmas" In 15 Seconds While Dressed As Santa Claus

01:08 United States

Clint P. sat on a whoopee cushion and said "Merry Christmas" nine times in 15 seconds while dressed as Santa Claus.

Fastest Time To Break 12 Large Peppermint Candy Canes While Dressed As Santa Claus

01:00 United States

Clint P. broke 12 large peppermint candy canes in 17.40 seconds while dressed as Santa Claus.

Most Santas Surfing

02:16 United States

George Trosset and 18 of his friends dressed in Santa Claus outfits and went surfing in the Atlantic Ocean.

Most People Dancing In A Conga Line Led By Santa Claus

01:00 United States

Sean Sonic and eight other people danced in a conga line behind him. He led the conga line while dressed as Santa.

Most Bicycle Tires Inflated By Santa Using A 75-Cent Air Machine

01:21 United States

While dressed as Santa, Art Hoffman used a 75-cent air machine to inflate two bicycle tires.

Most People Sitting On Santa's Lap At Once

00:22 United States

Five people sat on Art Hoffman’s lap while he was dressed as Santa.

Most People Posing For Photos With Santa In A Bus Stop Shelter

00:19 United States

While dressed as Santa, Art Hoffman posed for a photo inside a bus shelter with 12 other people.

Heaviest Dog Sitting On Santa's Lap

United States

Chenji, a dog, had his photo taken while seated on Santa’s lap. Chenji weighs in at 69.4 pounds, a new world record.

Largest Group Wearing Santa Hats At Once

00:15 United States

1,058 students and staff of Lake Travis Elementary School wore santa hats at once. #RecordSetterBook01

Tallest Statue Of Santa Claus Holding A Snowman

United States

Art Hoffman’s statue of Santa Claus holding a snowman figure measures eight feet in height.

Longest Time To Balance Santa Claus Statue On Chin

02:22 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced a statue of Santa Claus on his chin for 33.18 seconds. The three-foot statue was in a cardboard box, balanced on top of a three-foot pole.

Largest Secret Santa Exchange

17,543 people within Reddit’s community participated in an international Secret Santa exchange, a new world record. Participants from 91 countries exchanged over $500,000 in gifts. The project was created by Reddit community member Dan McComas. He used volunteers from within the community to help build and maintain the site. Read more about the Redditgifts project here.

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