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Largest Group Wearing Life Jackets In One Day

02:34 United States

During the fourth annual "Ready, Set, Wear It!" campaign, 5,774 people gathered at 189 events around USA, Finland, Australia, Brazil, Canada, and Japan to set a world record for largest group of people to wear life jackets. The event was hosted by the National Safe Boating Council in partnership with Canadian Safe Boating Council. They set the record to to promote safe and responsible boating for National Safe Boating Week and throughout the boating season. See photos of the events here.

Longest Time Planking In Front Of An Audience

01:12 United States

A total of 23 students planked in front of an audience of more than 100 people for 41.01 seconds.

Most People To Inflate Life Jackets At Once

United States

On May 20, 2010, the National Safe Boating Council, in partnership with the Canadian Safe Boating Councilset an ldquo;Inflatable Life Jacket World Record.rdquo; Through a coordinated effort across North America, 1,154 participants inflated life jackets in 29 states, Washington D.C., the U.S. Virgin Islands, and 13 Canadian locations. Each individual was given an inflatable life jacket. A countdown was given and at the end of each countdown, the “Jerk to Inflate” cord was pulled and life jackets were inflated. Every event coordinator was required to submit the following to be included in the overall count: a photo or video of the actual inflation, a tally sheet signed by each participant at each event, and a “Report Card” summarizing each event’s key points (including number of participants). See the list of locations and participants here.

Most Miles Safely Driven In A Commercial Truck

United States

William Coe safely drove 3,001,276 miles in a commercial truck. He set the record between February 12, 1986 and March 14, 2009.

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