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Longest Dicycle Ride

03:19 United States

Bob Swaim rode a seven-foot dicycle for one minute, 17.00 seconds. He set the record during an event at Valley Preferred Velodrome in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania.

Longest Distance Ridden On A Quad Bike By A Two-Year-Old

03:25 United States

Trenton rode 10 meters on a quad bike. He was two years old when he attempted the record.

Longest Freestyle Rap While Riding A Rola Bola Surfer Style

01:46 United States

Brian Pankey performed 14 bars of a freestyle rap while riding a rola bola[]surfer style.

Longest Piggyback Rollerblade Ride

03:09 United States

Ryan DeNardo rollerbladed 514 feet, 4 inches while giving Billy Disney a piggyback ride. They set the record as part of their Record, Set, Go web series. See the full episode here.

Longest Scream While Riding In A Convertible

00:15 United States

Paramore's Hayley Williams set an official RecordSetter World Record by screaming non-stop for 8.48 seconds while riding in a convertible. Hayley set the record within her band's "Ain't it Fun" music video, in which they also set a record for Most World Records Set in a Music Video. NOTE: If you attempt to beat record, you must follow all rules below. Use safety precautions and do not ride in a moving vehicle without wearing a seatbelt.

Longest Time Juggling Three Balls Behind Back While Bicycling

04:38 United States

CoolJuggler juggled three balls behind his back for four minutes, 18.80 seconds while riding a bicycle.

Longest Time Playing Guitar While Riding On A Unicycle

02:26 United States

Brendan B. played his guitar for two minutes, 15.91 seconds while riding a unicycle.

Longest Time Riding A Bicycle Without Holding The Handlebars While Sticking Tongue Out

01:09 United States

Coleman B. rode a bicycle without holding the handlebars for 32.44 seconds while sticking his tongue out.

Longest Time Riding A Seven-Wheeled Unicycle

01:30 United States

Jonathan Rinny rode a seven-wheeled unicycle for 19.84 seconds. The unicycle stands 13 feet, 3 inches tall and has seven vertically stacked wheels.

Longest Time Whistling While Bicycling In Death Valley

01:18 England

Kenny Lewis whistled for 44.95 seconds while riding his bicycle though Death Valley. His tune of choice was Walking In The Air, the theme from the 1982 animated film of Raymond Briggs’ 1978 children’s book The Snowman[]. Lewis took the ride to raise money for WaterAid.

Longest Video Taped Bicycle Ride

11:29 Canada

Darryl Learie video taped an entire bike ride that lasted four hours and one minute.

Most Animals Ridden On A Carousel In A Single Ride

01:39 United States

Megan Murphy rode 25 different animals on a carousel in a single ride.

Most Baseball Caps Worn Backwards While Riding A Bicycle

00:33 United States

Mason C. wore a stack of 15 baseball caps backwards while riding a bicycle.

Most Bicep Curl And Shoulder Lift Combinations Using 20-Pound Dumbbells While Riding A Unicycle

02:20 United States

Jim S. performed 12 bicep curl and shoulder lift combinations with 20-pound dumbbells while riding a unicycle.

Most Catches Juggling Four Balls Behind Back While Bicycling

00:18 United States

CoolJuggler completed 14 catches juggling four balls behind his back while bicycling.

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