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Most Sexual Innuendos In A Potato-Themed Rap Song

02:02 United States

Cosmo placed 35 sexual innuendos in a potato-themed rap song.

Fastest Time To Rap "Juicy" By Notorious B.I.G.

01:23 United States

Brad Parbs rapped all the lyrics to the song Juicy by The Notorious B.I.G.[] in one minute, 6.30 seconds.

Fastest Freestyle Alphabet Rap Duet

00:55 United States

Christian Donnell and Brent completed a freestyle alphabet rap in 6.00 seconds. They improvised a rap that included words starting with every letter of the alphabet, all in alphabetical order.

Longest Freestyle Rap While Riding A Rola Bola Surfer Style

01:46 United States

Brian Pankey performed 14 bars of a freestyle rap while riding a rola bola[]surfer style.

Most Bars Rapped In A URDB-Inspired Rap While Juggling Three Machetes On A Rola Bola

04:25 United States

Brian Pankey rapped 32 bars in a RecordSetter-inspired appreciation rap while juggling three machetes on a rola bola. NOTE: This record is dangerous and should only be attempted by trained professionals.

Most Mentions Of Cancer In A Rap

03:04 United States

Seth Krauss mentioned cancer 21 times in his rap, a new world record. Krauss set the record during URDB’s BreakCancer party at the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas. Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson were present as witnesses. [#BreakCancer01][]

Most Fish Named In A 30-Second Rap

00:31 Canada

Twisted Enemy named 69 fishes in a 30-second rap song.

Most Beatbox Beats In 10 Seconds

00:20 United States

Jacob Friedman made 43 beatbox beats in 10 seconds.

Fastest Time To Rap The First Verse Of "Magic" By B.O.B

00:27 United States

Giulliana Maiorano rapped the first version of Magic by B.O.B in 13.80 seconds.

Fastest Time To Rap The First Verse Of "Stereo Hearts" By Gym Class Heroes

00:54 United States

Griffin rapped the first verse of Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes in 19.53 seconds.

Most WWE References In A Three-Minute Rap Song

03:08 United States

B-cide sang a three-minute rap song containing 112 WWE references.

Fastest Time To Rap The Summary Of The Book Of Revelation

00:54 United States

Juaquin Fabela rapped a summary of the Book of Revelation in 25.15 seconds.

Fastest Time To Rap The Third Verse Of "Still Speedin' Remix" By Sway

00:55 England

Rhys rapped the third verse of Still Speedin' Remix by Sway feat. Lupe Fiasco in 20.84 seconds.

Most Food Items Freestyle Rapped In Three Minutes While Drinking Danimals Smoothies

03:32 United States

Jack Adelsperger freestyle rapped 31 food items in three minutes while drinking three Danimals Smoothies.

Fastest Time To Sing The Rap From Justin Bieber's "Baby"

00:19 Norway

Nathalie S. sang the rap from Justin Bieber's "Baby" in 10.40 seconds.

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