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Largest Smarties (U.S.) Pyramid

14:38 United States

Pete Moyer and Ethan Dixon built a pyramid using 8,555 Smarties candies. It weighs over six pounds and has a base layer of 26 x 26.

Largest Slip 'n Slide Toilet Paper Pyramid

06:15 Spain

Otra Movida host Florentino Fernández slid on a Slip 'n' Slide into a toilet paper pyramid constructed from 480 paper rolls. They set the record during the last "I Love Jimmy Fallon" segment of Otra Movida.

Largest Baseball Pyramid

00:30 United States

Zack Hample constructed a pyramid using 2,870 baseballs. He personally snagged the baseballs as a fan in the stands at major league stadiums. At present, he has more than 6,000 baseballs in his collection.

Largest Solo Cup Pyramid

United States

Harshal Rana built a pyramid made of 3,311 Solo Cups.

Largest Euro Coin Pyramid

10:25 United States

Pablo L. built a pyramid using 550 Euro coins.

Largest Human Pyramid

United States

Ben Jenkins and 14 of his friends formed a record-breaking human pyramid.

Fastest Time To Stack Two Coca-Cola Pyramids

00:13 Belgium

VTKlustrum stacked two pyramids of Coca-Cola cans in 6.45 seconds.

Largest Snapple Bottle Cap Pyramid

United States

Nicholas S. collected 55 Snapple bottle caps and assembled them into a pyramid.

Largest US Quarter Coin Pyramid

01:16 United States

Tai Star built a pyramid using 700 U.S. quarter coins.

Largest Hand-Placed Nether Quartz Pyramid In "Minecraft" (PC)

00:43 Australia

Jerron B. created a hand-placed Nether quartz pyramid in Minecraft using 23,545 blocks.

Largest Dixie Cup Triangle

00:35 United States

Arden, Derek, and Ian of The Bristol Hub Teen Center & Skatepark built a Dixie cup triangle using 91 cups.

Largest Plastic Cup Pyramid

01:01 United States

Ashlee Hardin built a pyramid using 190 plastic cups.

Largest Juggling Human Pyramid


Alex Koren and two of his friends juggled while forming a pyramid. The record was set at an event in the Dube Juggling showroom in New York City.

Fastest Time To Build A 4x4 Coffee Creamer Pyramid

00:46 United States

Zack W. built a 4x4 pyramid made of coffee creamers in 23.28 seconds.

Largest Human Pyramid Dressed In Snuggies Singing '99 Bottles Of Beer'

00:21 United States

Liz Tertinek, Katie Rich, Sara Wallitt, Alysse Cottle, and Sarah Gasbarro got dressed in Snuggies, formed a five-person human pyramid and sang a verse from "99 Bottles Of Beer," a new world record.

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