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Fastest Time To Complete 50 Speedbag Rounds While Hula Hooping

00:45 United States

Pete Moyer completed 50 speedbag rounds in 28.57 seconds while hula hooping.

Most Times Punching A Wookiee In The Stomach In 15 Seconds

00:34 Canada

Miki Agrawal punched a Wookiee in the stomach 77 times in 15 seconds. The record was set during an episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. RecordSetter co-founders Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson officiated the feat. #LNWJF

Most Contact Punches In One Minute (Female)

01:54 United States

Megan R. completed 474 contact punches in one minute.

Fastest Time To Complete 1,000 Speed Bag Rebounds

01:44 United States

Adam Salomon completed 1,000 speed bag rebounds in approximately two minutes. Learn more about Adam here.

Most Consecutive Jumping Triple-Punch Push-Ups

01:11 France

Guillaume B. performed 11 jumping triple-punch push-ups.

Most Backfists In One Minute

01:02 United States

Kevin Taylor's martial arts student completed 139 backfists in one minute.

Most Seated Punches By Eight Kids In One Minute

01:05 United States

Kevin Taylor's martial arts students threw 1,749 punches in one minute while sitting down.

Most Boards Broken With Fists While Performing A Leg Split

00:03 United States

Kevin Taylor's martial arts student broke two boards with her fists while performing a leg split.

Most Speed Bag Rebounds In Two Minutes

03:17 United States

Adam Salomon completed 1,650 speed bag rebounds in two minutes.

Longest Punch

02:55 United States

Keith Liddell punched a punching bag from 10 feet, 10 inches away.

Most Full Contact Punch Strikes While Carrying A 40-Pound Backpack And Wearing 2-Pound Wrist Weights On Each Hand

01:07 Pakistan

Ahmad Amin Bodla struck 337 full contact punches while carrying a 40-pound backpack and wearing two-pound wrist weights on each hand.

Fastest Time To Perform One Behind-The-Back Jab

00:16 United States

Derrick Clark performed one behind-the-back jab in 0.42 seconds.

Fastest Completion Of One Punch While Holding A Five-Pound Dumbell

00:11 United States

Derrick Clark completed a punch in 0.54 seconds while holding a five-pound dumbbell.

Fastest Time To Strike 100 Martial Arts Punches

00:14 Pakistan

Ahmad Amin Bodla struck 100 martial art punches in 7.66 seconds.

Most Martial Arts Straight Punches In One Minute

01:04 Pakistan

Ahmad H. did 586 martial arts straight punches in one minute.

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