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Most Condoms Sucked Through Nose At Once

00:41 Canada

Ryan Stock inhaled three condoms through his right nostril and pulled it out through his mouth.

Most People Pulling A Holiday Cracker

01:00 England

Kristian Foy gathered 15 people to pull apart one Christmas cracker. Seven women held one end and eight men held the other. The women’s side got the larger part of the cracker and therefore won the prize inside.

Most Times To Pull Apart A Two-Piece Fishing Rod And Reassemble It In 30 Seconds

01:02 United States

Andy Pelphrey pulled apart and reassembled a two-piece fishing rod 22 times in 30 seconds.

Heaviest Vehicle Pulled With Beard While Wearing Roller Skates

07:01 India

Kapil Gehlot used his beard to pull a vehicle weighing 1046 kilograms (2306 pounds) a distance of 68.96meters(226 feet, three inches) while wearing roller skates.

Farthest Distance To Pull A Car By Beard While Skating

07:06 India

Kapil Gehlot pulled a car a distance of 202.5 feet (2,430 inches) by his beard while skating.

Heaviest Vehicle Pulled With Teeth While Wearing Roller Skates

00:27 India

Kapil Gehlot used his teeth to pull a vehicle weighing 740 kilograms while wearing roller skates.

Fastest Time For Young Adult Cancer Survivors And Their Supporters To Pull An Airplane 15 Feet

00:9 United States

Members of the Young Adult Oncology Group pulled a plane 15 feet in 5.19 seconds. They performed this feat to raise money for cancer research.

Longest Distance For A Four-Year-Old To Pull A Car Using Hair

05:21 India

Mani Shankar, a four-year-old boy, pulled a car 60 feet (720 inches) using his hair.

Heaviest Vehicle Pulled While Wearing Roller Skates

03:16 India

Kapil Gehlot tied a rope to a Tata turbo truck weighing 9,300 kilograms wore skates and pulled it while skating.

Most 50-Foot Truck Pulls In One Hour While Seated

01:29 United States

Greg Cochran pulled a 5,420 pound Ford pickup truck loaded with 580 pounds of cargo a distance of 50 feet. He performed this feat 17 times over the course of one hour, a new world record.

Most Party Poppers Popped With One Pull

01:15 United States

Phil W. popped 496 party poppers with one pull.

Fastest Time To Pull The Plastic Tape From A 60-Minute Cassette Tape

00:48 United States

Louie Foxx pulled the plastic tape from a 60-minute cassette tape in 37.15 seconds.

Fastest Time To Take Off Pull Tab Of A Soda Can With Mouth

00:12 United States

Led by Kristi Bennett, a child took the pull tab off an empty soda can in 1.82 seconds using his mouth.

Farthest Distance To Pull A Car While On Roller Skates

01:11:26 India

Kapil Gehlot pulled a car a distance of seven kilometers (22,965.87 feet) while on roller skates. He set the record to celebrate RecordSetter World Record Day. #WorldRecordDay2012

Heaviest Vehicle Pulled With A Swallowed Sword

01:06 Canada

Ryan Stock pulled a vehicle weighing 3,740 pounds using a swallowed sword. The attempt was part of Discovery Channel's Guinea Pig. NOTE: This attempt is extremely dangerous and should only be attempted by trained professionals.

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