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Youngest Person To Visit Every Country In The World

03:52 England

James Asquith visited all 196 countries in the world at the young age of 24. He was born on December 30, 1988. He started traveling five years ago when he was still a student at a university. Asquith likes meeting new people and going to unusual places off the traditional tourist trails. Amongst his favorite places to visit are Iran and the United States.

Youngest Host Of A TV Talk Show With Multiple Guests

01:35 Nepal

21-year-old Pradip Khatiwada hosted The Second Generation, a TV talk show featuring world cyclists Puskar Shah, Rajendra Sapkota, and Rupak Khadka. The show was aired on the E-24 Channel, a popular entertainment channel in Nepal.

Shortest Person To Dunk On A Men's Regulation-Size Basketball Hoop

01:37 United States

Porter Maberry successfully dunked a basketball into a men's regulation size basketball hoop. He stands five feet, five inches tall.

Longest Back Lever Pose While Balancing Person On Back

00:36 France

Kevin S. held a back lever pose for 32.03 seconds with a 55-kilogram person standing on his back.

Heaviest Human "Clean And Jerk"

00:27 United States

Devin Garcia performed a clean and jerk lift of his friend Amanda, who weighs 56 kg (125 lb). Devin is currently a college track hammer thrower.

Most Pencils Thrown At A Person

02:11 United States

Chris and his friends threw 60 pencils at Spencer.

Most Hugs Against Cancer

02:25 United States

Melissa Owens embarked upon a personal goal to break a hugging record. She gave out 600 hugs during a flash mob at Portlandrsquo;s Pioneer Courthouse Square[]. Owensrsquo; hugging record was the fifth URDB record to be set by supporters of the OHSU AYA program at the Knight Cancer Institute[].

Youngest Person To Deadlift 450 Pounds

00:48 United States

Fusion Fitness' 16-year-old Adam Rork deadlifted 450 pounds. He set the record to celebrate World Record Day. #WorldRecordDay2012

Oldest Person To Set 500 RecordSetter World Records

01:20 Canada

Doug McManaman set 500 RecordSetter world records. He is 68 years old.

Largest Dogpile

01:02 United States

Schacht 26 and his friends laid on top of each other in dogpile formation. Note: This record can be dangerous. Please use caution if you attempt to beat it.

Most Times Bench Pressing A Person In 30 Seconds

00:32 United States

Clint Poore bench pressed a person 57 times in 30 seconds.

Oldest Person To Lift A 155-Pound Atlas Stone

00:13 United States

A 61-year-old member of The Omega Force Strength Team performed an unassisted lift to move a 155-pound Atlas Stone.

Most Lifts Of A 60-Kilogram Person Using One's Hair

01:35 India

Montystar A. lifted a 60-kilogram man 16 times using only his hair.

Oldest Person To Squat 230 Pounds For 10 Reps

00:35 United States

Wayne Stinson of the Omega Force Strength Team squatted 230 pounds for 10 reps. Mr. Stinson set the record when he was 74 years old.

Youngest Person To Assemble An Ikea Mula In Under One Minute

00:54 United States

Nigel Henderson assembled a completeIkea Mula toy in under one minute when he was exactly 611 days old. Younger babies are challenged to beat this.

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