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Most Ice Cream Sandwiches Eaten By Two People In 5 Minutes

03:57 United States

Naader Reda and Matt "Sweet Tooth" Cohen ate a combined 23 ice cream sandwiches in five minutes.

Most People Sitting On A Bean Bag Chair At Once

United States

Peter Haik and eleven of his friends sat on a bean bag chair at once. Haik stipulated everyone’s buttocks had to be completely positioned on the bag.

Most People Front Flipped Over At Once

00:26 United States

Evan Funk front flipped over 10 people lying down at once. NOTE: This feat should only be attempted by trained professionals. Please have proper safety elements in place.

Largest Human Pyramid

United States

Ben Jenkins and 14 of his friends formed a record-breaking human pyramid.

Largest Family Human Pyramid

United States

Charlie, Carson, Rachel, Kiley, Matthew and Susan formed a six-person family human pyramid. The first five are cousins and Susan is their aunt.

Most People On A Loveseat At Once

01:02 Canada

Twenty-two members of Jump Out La Salle climbed onto a loveseat at once.

Most People To Change Seats At Once

00:18 United States

Directed by guest speaker Chris Sacca,1006 freshmen students at Wright State University changed their seats at the same time.

Most Glasses Clinked In One Minute

01:44 United States

Gary Vaynerchuk clinked 102 glasses in one minute. He completed the feat at an opening party for his newly released book, Crush It. Officials from RecordSetter were present to document the feat. Photo credit: Mark Fitzpatrick

Largest Group To Check In At Same Venue On Foursquare At Once

00:21 United States

814 University of Nebraska students checked in on Foursquare to the Big Boi concert on October 14, 2010. More info here.

Largest Group To Check In At The Same Venue On Gowalla At Once

United States

617 people checked in onGowalla atEvan Williams’keynote interview during the 2010SXSWFestival.

Most People On A Playground Swing At Once

United States

Alex Sapadin and six of his friends all sat on a playground swing at the same time. Please use caution if you attempt to beat this record.

Longest Video Waterfall

01:52 United States

65 attendees of the 2010 Vimeo Festival lined up and and shot video clips in cascading waterfall format, creating the longest video waterfall.

Most People With Same Name To Hug Each Other

00:41 United States

Two men, both named Ryan Brown, hugged each other, setting a new record for Most People With The Same Name To Hug At Once. Ryan Brown and Ryan Brown set the record at a World Record Appreciation Society[] event held at Joe’s Pub in New York City. Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson were present as witnesses. #WRAS19

Most People Pulling A Holiday Cracker

01:00 England

Kristian Foy gathered 15 people to pull apart one Christmas cracker. Seven women held one end and eight men held the other. The women’s side got the larger part of the cracker and therefore won the prize inside.

Most People Drinking Bloody Marys On A Staircase

00:47 England

22 people drank Bloody Marys on a staircase, a world record.

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