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United States

Most Jokes Told In Four Minutes

Town of Easton - CT

Dana J. led community members at Town of Easton in Connecticut to tell 64 jokes in four minutes.

South Africa

Fastest Time For Two People To Flip A 100-Kilogram Tire Five Kilometers

Chris Batts

Chris Batts and his friend flipped a 100-kilogram tire five kilometers in three minutes, 26 minutes.

00:39 United States

Most People Eating "Frybread" At Once

Jesse Colucci

Jesse C. led 424 people in eating frybread at once.

02:44 India

Most Yogasanas Performed Simultaneously By A Group In Three Hours

Jayam Kalai Kottam

45 people from Jayam Kalaikottam in Tamil Nadu, India performed 253 asanas simultaneously for three hours.

00:26 United States

Longest Chain Of People To "Pretend Faint"

Chris Rathbone

Chris and 38 of his friends consecutively fainted in a row.


Largest Office Potluck

Sommer hampson

The people at Sommer Hampson's firm contributed a total of 42 dishes to their annual potluck dinner. The potluck was organized as part of their series of summer events and to enjoy the culinary expertise of the employees.

02:07 India

Most People Practicing Silambam Martial Arts Simultaneously For Three Hours

Jayam Kalai Kottam

82 people from Jayam Kalaikottam in Tamil Nadu, India practiced Silambam martial arts simultaneously for three hours.


Most People Dressed As 18th Century Smugglers At Once

Day of Syn Group

A total of 255 people dressed as 18th century smugglers gathered to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Day of Syn, based upon Kent-born dramatist and author Russell Thorndike's fictional character Doctor Syn. The record was set during the August Bank Holiday weekend in England.

05:46 New Zealand

Largest Toothbrush Circle

Chilton Saint James School

A total of 401 students from Chilton Saint James School in New Zealand stood in a circle and brushed each others teeth, creating the world's largest toothbrushing circle. Read more about the feat here.

00:43 United States

Fewest People Needed To Spell A Four-Letter Word


Sam W. and his friend spelled out the word "Tilt" using their bodies.

00:55 United States

Most People Hopping Up And Down On One Foot While Holding Flowers In Teeth


While hosting an episode of RecordSetter Kids, JennxPenn and RecordSetter CEO Dan Rollman hopped up and down on one foot while holding flowers in their teeth. Want to challenge her record? Have parental guidance and follow all rules listed on this page.

03:19 India

Most People Shooting Arrows At An Archery Target Simultaneously For Three Hours

Jayam Kalai Kottam

12 people from Jayam Kalaikottam in Tamil Nadu, India shot arrows at an archery target simultaneously for three hours.

17:40 United States

Most People Performing Burpee Exercises With One Person

Lloyd Weema

Lloyd W. performed burpee exercises with 2,014 different people.

United States

Largest Group Of Deaf And Hard Of Hearing Students To Participate In A Community Service Project

Cheri Sinnott

A total of 580 deaf and hard-of-hearing students across Illinois joined together and participated in different community services. They set the record as part of the annual Deaf Can Do It Community Service Day. Learn more about the feat here.

01:43 South Africa

Fastest Time For A Father-Son Team To Flip An 85-Kilogram Tire 30 Times

Chris Batts

Chris and his four-year-old son flipped an 85-kilogram tire 30 times in two minutes, 56.00 seconds.

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