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Tallest Penny Tower On The Brim Of A Cap While Wearing It

01:34 United States

Derek and Keely assembled a penny tower on the brim of Hunter's cap that reached 41 pennies in height.

Tallest Penny Tower Stacked With Left Hand In 30 Seconds

01:12 United States

Viktor O. stacked 23 pennies in a tower in 30 seconds using his left hand.

Tallest Penny Tower

04:49 Canada

Aline L. stacked 134 pennies in a single tower.

Tallest American Penny Tower Stacked On A Lego Minifigure Head

01:24 United States

Viktor O. stacked 43 American pennies on a Lego minifigure head.

Most American Pennies Held In One Hand At Once

02:17 United States

Tai Star held 734 American pennies in one hand.

Largest Sierpinski Triangle Made Of Pennies

01:42 United States

Students from Eudora High School created a Sierpinski triangle made of 59,049 pennies. They set the record to raise funds for the March of Dimes, collecting a total of $731.83 during the attempt.

Most Pennies Stacked In A Shot Glass

02:09 United States

Jon R. stacked 50 pennies in a shot glass.

Most Pennies Picked Up With A Pop Straw In 30 Seconds

01:06 United States

Sammi P. picked up 17 pennies using a pop straw in 30 seconds.

Most Pennies Put Inside A Balloon

03:42 United States

Raul M. put 69 pennies inside a balloon.

Longest Time Spinning A British Penny

02:01 Australia

Jake G. spun an 1889 British Victorian penny for 10.10 seconds.

Most Pennies Placed On An Arm

06:27 United States

Matt P. placed 101 pennies on his arm.

Most Pennies Picked Up With A Pop Straw In One Minute

02:41 Canada

Doug McManaman picked up 53 pennies using a pop straw in one minute.

Most Pennies Balanced Vertically On A Penny

03:50 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced 36 pennies vertically on top of another penny.

Tallest Penny Tower Stacked Vertically On Top Of A Penny

00:39 Canada

Doug McManaman stacked two pennies vertically on top of another penny.

Most American Pennies Thrown At Once

02:05 United States

Tai Star threw 200 pennies at once.

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