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Most Games Of Tic-Tac-Toe Played Against Self While Listening To 'The Greatest American Hero' Theme Song

03:08 United States

This record was one of seven records Cullen set while setting the record for Most URDB World Records Broken In 10 Minutes.

Tallest Toilet Paper Roll Triangle


Peter Craig built a triangular structure out of 66 toilet paper rolls.

Most Pieces Of Paper Torn In 10 Seconds

01:06 United States

Matt Brodsky ripped 13 pieces of paper in half in 10 seconds.

Fastest Time To Rip A Phone Book In Half

00:04 United States

Michael Martin ripped a phone book in half in 0.37 seconds.

Most Paper Airplanes Constructed And Flown In One Minute

01:18 United States

Russel Stokely constructs and launches seven paper airplanes in one minute, a new world record. He used standard construction paper to build the planes. Stokely set the record on March 19, 2009 at his home in Austin, Texas. Lauren Jane Slade was present to document the record and count the planes. tag:RecordSetterBook01

Most Dots Drawn On A Page In Ten Seconds

00:29 United States

Two student campers from iD Tech Camps Trinity Universitymarked 198 dots in two sheets of paper in 10 seconds. [#iDTech][]

Fastest Time To Write A Limerick

01:31 United States

Viktor O. wrote a limerick in 47.48 seconds. The limerick read: There once was a man named Joe, Who loved to play in the snow, One day it was cold, He didn't do as he was told And he lost three of his toes.

Most Staples Stapled Into A Piece of Paper In 10 Seconds

01:13 United States

Nicky P. stapled 60 staples into a piece of paper in 10 seconds.

Fastest Time To Unravel A Roll Of Paper Towels

00:45 Spain

Juan Martiacute;nez unraveled a roll of paper towels in 3.80 seconds.

Fastest Time To Rip Five Phone Books In Half

00:36 United States

Michael Martin ripped five phone books in half in 11.47 seconds.

Largest Origami Collection

South Africa

Dayle Klinkhamer has 200 origami pieces in his collection.

Smallest Ninja Star


Rika K. made a ninja star that measured 0.5 centimeter wide.

Most Paper Footballs Hit Into A Shoebox In One Minute

02:09 United States

Bai hit 24 paper footballs into a shoebox in one minute.

Longest Time Balancing 25 Newspapers On Top Of A Pole On Chin

03:30 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced 25 The Chronicle Herald newspapers on top of a pole for one minute, 22.78 seconds on his chin.

Most Origami Stars Fit Inside A Large Origami Star

03:36 Mexico

Tessie Mss fit 1,000 origami stars inside a large origami star.

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