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Fastest Time To Build 48 Sonobes

16:55 United States

Louis Hyde built 48 origami sonobes in a world record 57 minutes and 40 seconds. Hyde performed the feat on April 4, 2009 at the first annual Brooklyn World Record Day in Brooklyn, New York. The event was held by URDB in conjunction with Beam Camp. Corey Henderson was present as a witness. #BWRD01

Fastest Time To Construct A Paper Airplane From A Magazine Page

00:6 Pakistan

Shahzeb Khan constructed a paper airplane from a magazine page in 5.46 seconds.

Fastest Time To Construct And Fly A Paper Airplane

00:17 United States

David H. constructed and launched a paper airplane in 5.24 seconds.

Fastest Time To Draw Ten Homer Simpson Heads

01:45 United States

Sophia Flanagan drew 10 images of Homer Simpson’s head in one minute and 15.58 seconds. Time stopped when the 10th Homer Simpson head was completed.

Fastest Time To Draw The Flag Of Pakistan

00:37 Pakistan

Shahzeb K. drew the flag of Pakistan on a piece of paper using a green marker in 34.97 seconds.

Fastest Time To Float A Rolling Paper 108 Centimeters Using A Didgeridoo

01:29 United States

Tai Star floated a rolling piece of paper 108 centimeters in 4.89 seconds by playing a didgeridoo.

Fastest Time To Fold A Paper Crane Using A NYC Subway Map

01:57 United States

Ella Morton folded a New York City subway map into a paper crane in one minute, 41.50 seconds. Morton set the record at a World Record Appreciation Society event held at Joe’s Pub in New York City. Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson were present as witnesses. [][][#WRAS19][] []: http://recordsetter.com/search/WRAS19

Fastest Time To Make A Paper Crane While Wearing A Sci-Fi Helmet Or Mask

01:07 United States

Grettle A. made a paper crane in 45.98 seconds while wearing a gas mask.

Fastest Time To Make A Shuriken Origami

02:08 Australia

Riley K. made a shuriken origami figure in one minute, 48.94 seconds.

Fastest Time To Rip A Phone Book In Half

00:04 United States

Michael Martin ripped a phone book in half in 0.37 seconds.

Fastest Time To Rip A Sheet Of Paper Into 10 Pieces

01:15 United States

Jonah ripped a single sheet of 8.5" X 11" paper in to ten smaller pieces in 3.39 seconds.

Fastest Time To Rip Five Phone Books In Half

00:36 United States

Michael Martin ripped five phone books in half in 11.47 seconds.

Fastest Time To Staple A Piece Of Paper Five Times

00:27 United States

Brandon N. stapled a single sheet of paper five times in 1.82 seconds.

Fastest Time To Unravel A Roll Of Paper Towels

00:45 Spain

Juan Martiacute;nez unraveled a roll of paper towels in 3.80 seconds.

Fastest Time To Unravel A Roll Of Toilet Paper

01:22 United States

Chris Dean unraveled a full roll of toilet paper in 4.28 seconds, a new world record.

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