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Most Sign-Offs In 30 Seconds By An Online Radio Show Host

02:11 United States

Rj Jawad signed off of his online radio show by saying “Jawad, Radio Asia Live” 35 times in 30 seconds.

Most Facebook Friends On Facebook Chat At Once


Madana Rishikesh had 623 friends online on Facebook Chat at the same time.

Highest Score On Level 3-4 Of "Angry Birds Rio"


Fred 03 earned 111,820 points on level 3-4 of Angry Birds Rio.

Highest Score In "World's Fastest Tapper" (Online)

01:25 United States

Chris B. earned 790 points in World's Fastest Tapper.

Longest URL Generated Using A URL Shortening Service

United States

Fastest Time To Start And Stop An Online Stopwatch

00:43 United States

Ryan Bonifas stopped an online stopwatch in .008 seconds.

Highest Score On Level 5-2 Of "Angry Birds Rio"


Fred 03 earned 109,990 points on Level 5–2 of Angry Birds Rio.

Fastest Completion Of "Cat Mario: Level 1" (Online)

00:46 United States

SteveeXb completed level 1 of Cat Mario in 32.86 seconds.

Highest Score On Level 3-1 Of "Angry Birds Rio"


Fred 03 earned 107,690 points on level 3-1 of Angry Birds Rio.

Shortest Distance Achieved In "Disney's Frozen: Throw Olaf" (Online)

00:06 United States

Bennett C. achieved 6.66 meters in Disney's Frozen: Throw Olaf.

Most Unread Messages On A STEAM Account

00:22 Mexico

Horus Theskygod has 319 unread messages on his STEAM account.

Highest Score In "Shuriken Block" (Online)

03:58 United States

Jon H. earned 3,040 points in Shuriken Block.

Highest Score In "Puzzle Mix: Animals" (Online)

06:13 Ireland

Joseph K. earned 209,600 points in Puzzle Mix: Animals.

Fastest Completion Of "Circle The Cat" (Online)

00:32 United States

Viktor O. completed Circle the Cat in 12.06 seconds.

Highest Speed In "Spank The Monkey" (Online)

00:16 Ireland

Joseph K. spanked the money at 690 miles per hour in Spank The Monkey online game.

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