1. #44

    Longest Wall Sit While Holding Arms At Shoulder Level

    William C. performed a wall sit for ten minutes, 10.53 seconds while holding his arms at shoulder level.

    Jul 30 WilliamCannon Scotland
  2. #45

    Most Consecutive Times To Dribble A Tennis Ball In 30 Seconds

    Suresh Gaur dribbled a tennis ball 183 times in 30 seconds.

    Jul 30 SureshGaur India
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    Fastest Time To Complete Emerald Hill Zone, Act One In "Sonic The Hedgehog 2" (PS3)

    Jaggar P. completed Sonic the Hedgehog 2’s Emerald Hill Zone, Act One in 18.00 seconds.

    Jul 30 JaggarPerryman 14 comments United States
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    Most Consecutive Table Tennis Ball Bounces Alternating Between The Face And Spine Of A Tennis Racquet

    Mark Evans bounced a table tennis ball 53 times on a tennis racquet, alternating between its spine and face.

    Jul 30 markowen Wales
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    Heaviest Dumbbell Curls Performed Using Both Arms While Standing

    Joseph S. performed 80-pound dumbbell curls using both arms while standing.

    Jul 30 JosephSneed United States
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    Longest Loom Band Mouse Tail Made In Three Minutes By A 12-Year-Old

    David C. made a loom band mouse tail in three minutes measuring 14 inches in length. He is 12 years old.

    Jul 30 Joeykish 1 comment United States
  7. #50

    Longest Time Walking On Heels

    Suresh Gaur walked on his heels for 20 minutes, 2.54 seconds.

    Jul 30 SureshGaur 3 comments India
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    Highest Score In "Papa Pear Saga: Level 4" (Online)

    Zuzana Z. earned 38,970 points in Papa Pear Saga: Level 4.

    Jul 30 ZuzanaZacharová Slovakia
  9. #52

    Highest Score In "Panda Pop: Level 3" (Online)

    Jireh A. earned 27,010 points in Panda Pop: Level 3.

    Jul 30 ReadingWR United States
  10. #53

    Most Performances Of The U.S. National Anthem In One Day

    Alan St.Louis sang The Star-Spangled Banner 10 times in one day. He set the record during his performances on back-to-back... (more)

    Jul 30 AlanStLouis United States
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    Most Consecutive Flying Superman Push-Ups

    Guillaume B. completed 51 consecutive flying Superman push-ups.

    Jul 29 GuillaumeBourgeois 5 comments France
  12. #55

    Largest Kitchen Band

    50 members of Aldersgate United Methodist Youth group formed a kitchen band. Each contributor used kitchen implements to play... (more)

    Jul 29 AldersgateUnited 8 comments United States
  13. #56

    Most BMX Back Hops (Biker Over 45 Years Old)

    Martin T. performed 176 BMX back hops.

    Jul 29 MartinTuson Northern Ireland
  14. #57

    Most Push Pins Stuck In An Apple

    Nicholas P. stuck 170 push pins in an apple.

    Jul 29 NicholasPassero United States
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    Most Over-The-Shoulder Nunchucks Passes In 30 Seconds

    Dineshkumar S. performed 68 over-the-shoulder passes using nunchucks in 30 seconds.

    Jul 29 dineshkumarsrinivasan 8 comments India
  16. #59

    Tallest Starburst Tower Stacked On Top Of Spoon Held In Mouth

    Suresh Gaur stacked 12 Starburst candies on top of a spoon held in his mouth.

    Jul 29 SureshGaur India
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    Fastest Firearm Transition Drill

    Kyle G. performed a firearm transition drill in 0.84 second.

    Jul 29 KyleGlazebrook United States
  18. #61

    Longest Time Holding Sumo Pose

    Britt B. held a yoga sumo pose for four minutes, 28.20 seconds.

    Jul 29 yogibarefield United States
  19. #62

    Most Clothespins Held In Hand In 30 Seconds

    Pavol D. held 38 clothespins in his hand in 30 seconds.

    Jul 29 PavolDurdik Slovakia
  20. #63

    Longest Time Balancing A Kitchen Knife On One Finger

    Mark Evans balanced a kitchen knife on his finger for 14 minutes, 15.97 seconds. WARNING: This record can be dangerous. Please... (more)

    Jul 29 markowen Wales