1. #44

    Most T-Shirts Taken Off In One Minute

    Finn H. took off 16 t-shirts in one minute.

    Jul 21 FinnHiltner Canada
  2. #45

    Most Plastic Forks Stuck In Hair At Once

    Peter Durdik stuck 146 plastic forks in someone's hair at once.

    Jul 21 PeterDurdik Slovakia
  3. #46

    Tallest Spinning Fidget Spinner Tower

    Pavol Durdik stacked 13 spinning fidget spinners in a tower.

    Jul 21 PavolDurdik 1 comment Slovakia
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    Longest Time Spinning A Basketball On A Pen Held In Shoe While Balancing A Wooden Chair On Chin

    Brendan Kelbie spun a basketball on a pen held in his shoe for 15.68 seconds while balancing a wooden chair on his chin.

    Jul 21 Demythrate 2 comments Australia
  5. #48

    Longest Time Juggling Four Balls While Balancing A Ball On Top Of Head

    Some Juggler juggled four juggling balls for 33.66 seconds while balancing a ball on his head.

    Jul 21 SomeJuggler United States
  6. #49

    Longest Time Balancing A Carrot On Index Finger

    WoofDeadBang balanced a carrot on his index finger for two minutes, 15.78 seconds.

    Jul 21 WoofDeadBang 2 comments Australia
  7. #50

    Longest Time Spinning A Fidget Spinner On A Basketball

    Zack Z. spun a fidget spinner on a basketball for four minutes, 3.64 seconds.

    Jul 21 ZackZimmerman United States
  8. #51

    Most NES Games Stacked In A Tower

    Zack and Donovan stacked79 NES games in a single tower.

    Jul 21 DrabZack United States
  9. #52

    Longest Time Spinning A Fidget Spinner On A Cast

    Jaclyn G. spun a fidget spinner on a cast for two minutes, 56.00 seconds.

    Jul 21 JaclynGibney United States
  10. #53

    Tallest Jenga Block Tower Stacked On A Roll Of Toilet Paper

    Saar Kessel stacked 10 Jenga blocks on a roll of toilet paper.

    Jul 21 saarkessel Israel
  11. #54

    Tallest Tower Of Pill Bottles

    Andrew stacked a tower of pill bottles 38 inches in height.

    Jul 21 andrewandrzej,113 United States
  12. #55

    Longest Time Hanging On A Pull-Up Bar (Junior)

    Joey R. hung on a pull-up bar for two minutes, 46.71 seconds. He is six years old.

    Jul 21 JoeyRiccio 1 comment United States
  13. #56

    Most Cassette Tapes Balanced On A Tennis Racquet Handle On Thumb While Lying On Back

    WoofDeadBang balanced eight cassette tapes on a tennis racquet handle on his thumb while lying on his back.

    Jul 21 WoofDeadBang Australia
  14. #57

    Longest Time Balancing 12 Eggs In An Egg Carton On Thumb

    Doug McManaman balanced 12 eggs in an egg carton on his thumb for five minutes, 6.94 seconds.

    Jul 21 DougMcManaman Canada
  15. #58

    Most Fidget Spinners Consecutively Stopped By Passing A Chopstick Through The Bearing Holes

    Norbi W. consecutively stopped three fidget spinners by passing a chopstick through the bearing holes.

    Jul 20 NorbiWhitney Canada
  16. #59

    Longest Time Balancing Two Banknotes On Nose

    Kip Burrus balanced two banknotes on his nose for 12.75 seconds.

    Jul 20 KipBurrus United States
  17. #60

    Longest Time Spinning A Basketball On A Mouthstick Held In Mouth While Spinning A Toothbrush On Index Finger

    Brendan Kelbie spun a basketball on a mouthstick held in his mouth for 17.53 seconds while spinning a toothbrush on his index... (more)

    Jul 20 Demythrate Australia
  18. #61

    Fastest Time To Spin 16 Fidget Spinners

    Noa O. spun 16 fidget spinners in 9.19 seconds.

    Jul 20 NoaOhlund Sweden
  19. #62

    Most Balloons Popped With Pineapples By Five People In 30 Seconds

    Five members of the Summer Reading Program in Alberta, Canada popped 13 balloons with pineapples in 30 seconds.

    Jul 20 SummerReadingProgram Canada
  20. #63

    Longest Time Placing Hand On A Candle Flame

    Robert C. placed his hand on a candle flame for one minute, 0.06 second. WARNING: This record can be dangerous. Please do not... (more)

    Jul 20 MrCorvo United States