1. #44

    Most Beacons Placed And Lit Up In "Minecraft"

    David A. placed and lit up 5,627 beacons in Minecraft.

    Jul 02 DavidAcosta United States
  2. #45

    Highest Number Counted To In "Minecraft" Chat In One Minute

    Seb J. counted to 48 in Minecraft Chat in one minute.

    Jul 02 SebJensen England
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    Most Peanuts Hit With A Baseball Bat In 15 Seconds

    Curtis hit five peanuts with a baseball bat in 15 seconds, a RecordSetter.com World Record. He set the record as part of... (more)

    Jul 01 MrPeanut United States
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    Most Burning Candles Fit In Mouth

    Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya fit 18 burning candles in his mouth. WARNING: This record can be extremely dangerous. Please do not... (more)

    Jul 01 DineshShivnathUpadhyaya India
  5. #48

    Fastest Time To Stack 10 Rolls Of Toilet Paper

    Silvio Sabba stacked 10 rolls of toilet papers in 2.87 seconds.

    Jul 01 SilvioSabba 4 comments Italy
  6. #49

    Longest Time Balancing An Egg On Top Of A Wand On Thumb

    Mark Evans balanced an egg on top of a wand on his thumb for seven minutes, 2.71 seconds.

    Jul 01 markowen Wales
  7. #50

    Most Knuckle Push-Ups In One Minute

    Campbell P. completed 102 knuckle push-ups in one minute.

    Jul 01 CampbellPentney 10 comments New Zealand
  8. #51

    Longest Time To Keep A Tennis Racquet Spinning

    Jack W. placed a tennis racquet on the ground and kept it spinning for 2.68 seconds.

    Jul 01 JackWilliam1 Australia
  9. #52

    Longest Time Brushing Teeth

    Michael M. brushed his teeth for 45 minutes, 12.70 seconds.

    Jul 01 MichaelMartin2 6 comments United States
  10. #53

    Longest Time Balancing 100 Juice Glasses On Head And 20 Wine Glasses On Mouth While Sitting

    Doug McManaman balanced 100 juice glasses on his head and 20 wine glasses on his mouth for 12.93 seconds while sitting.

    Jul 01 DougMcManaman Canada
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    Most Times Opening And Closing A CD Case In One Minute

    Alec M. opened and closed a CD case 53 times in one minute.

    Jul 01 AlecMcLeod Canada
  12. #55

    Fastest Time To Break 10 Coat Hangers

    Hmida D. broke 10 coat hangers in 4.26 seconds.

    Jul 01 HmidaDelon Egypt
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    Longest Time Balancing On An Exercise Ball While Holding A Lotus Pose

    Suresh Gaur balanced on an exercise ball for 28 minutes, 37.99 seconds while holding a lotus pose.

    Jul 01 SureshGaur India
  14. #57

    Longest Wall Sit While Carrying A 250-Pound Barbell

    William C. performed a wall sit lasting three minutes, 14.28 seconds while carrying a 250-pound barbell.

    Jul 01 WilliamCannon Scotland
  15. #58

    Longest Time Balancing A Wand On Top Of Three Table Tennis Paddles

    Mark Evans balanced a wand on top of three table tennis paddles for 20.73 seconds.

    Jul 01 markowen Wales
  16. #59

    Fastest Death By A Zombie In "Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombies"

    Jake's game character was killed by a zombie in Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombies in 11.31 seconds.

    Jul 01 Alert United States
  17. #60

    Most Times Rotating A Ring Spanner On A Screwdriver In One Minute

    Suresh Gaur rotated a ring spanner on a screwdriver 348 times in one minute.

    Jul 01 SureshGaur India
  18. #61

    Highest Score In "Fruit Pop: Level 2" (Online)

    Jireh A. earned 6,870 points in Fruit Pop: Level 2.

    Jul 01 ReadingWR Philippines
  19. #62

    Highest Score In "Cut The Rope: Level 4-6" (Online)

    Joseph K. earned 5,311 points in Cut The Rope: Level 4-6.

    Jul 01 JosephKenneally Ireland
  20. #63

    Most Slinkies Descended On A Stair Simultaneously

    Bob S. descended three Slinkies on a stair simultaneously.

    Jul 01 BobSwaim United States