1. #44

    Fastest Time To Stack Four Jenga Blocks

    Vito O. stacked four Jenga blocks in 0.29 second.

    Apr 21 Vito 2 comments United States
  2. #45

    Most Pogo Stick Jumps By An Eight-Year-Old

    Holly's eight-year-old daughter jumped on a pogo stick 2,200 times.

    Apr 21 HollyGarner United States
  3. #46

    Longest Super Smash Bros. Brawl Fighting Game Marathon (Wii)

    Neeral Mehta, Demetri Kotsinis, Jimmy Binder, Tim Kirby played Super Smash Bros. Brawl nonstop for 56 hours. Watch the entire... (more)

    Apr 21 NeeralMehta1 3 comments United States
  4. #47

    Most Tailwhips On A Scooter In One Minute

    Casey M. performed 36 tailwhips using a scooter in one minute.

    Apr 21 CaseyMorley United States
  5. #48

    Longest Time Holding A Remote Control In Mouth

    Simon Perkins held a remote control in his mouth for two minutes, 45.03 seconds.

    Apr 21 SimonPerkins United States
  6. #49

    Most Consecutive Days Chatting Someone On Snapchat

    Saya B. chatted with a friend for 743 consecutive days on Snapchat.

    Apr 21 SayaBulut 83 comments United States
  7. #50

    Most Clothespins Held In Hand In 10 Seconds

    Pavol Durdik held 22 clothespins in his hand in 10 seconds.

    Apr 21 PavolDurdik Slovakia
  8. #51

    Longest Time Balancing A Graduation Cap On Index Finger

    Brendan Kelbie balanced a graduation cap on his index finger for 59.62 seconds.

    Apr 21 Demythrate Australia
  9. #52

    Most High Knee Jump Push-Ups In Five Minutes

    Alicia Weber performed 75 high knee jump push-ups in five minutes.

    Apr 21 AliciaWeber United States
  10. #53

    Smallest Paper Butterfly

    Nidhi B. made a paper butterfly that measures six millimeters in length.

    Apr 21 NidhiBansal India
  11. #54

    Highest Score In "Toy Blast: Level 306" (Online)

    Pavol Durdik earned 150,500 points in Toy Blast: Level 306.

    Apr 21 PavolDurdik Slovakia
  12. #55

    Most Times Saying "Bruh" In One Minute

    Killer Ghost527 said "bruh" 107 times in one minute.

    Apr 21 killerghost527 United States
  13. #56

    Highest Score In "Toy Blast: Level 305" (Online)

    Pavol Durdik earned 193,920 points in Toy Blast: Level 305.

    Apr 21 PavolDurdik Slovakia
  14. #57

    Most Catches Juggling Three Hatchets While On A Rola Bola

    Jesse J. completed 201 catches juggling three hatchets while on a rola bola. WARNING: This record can be extremely dangerous.... (more)

    Apr 20 JesseJoyner 1 comment United States
  15. #58

    Most Continuous "Legs-To-Back-To-Legs" Somersaults On A Trampoline

    Petr J. performed 124 "legs-to-back-to-legs" somersault tricks on a trampoline.

    Apr 20 petr7555 3 comments Czech Republic
  16. #59

    Longest Time Sticking Tongue Behind Uvula

    David E. stuck his tongue behind the uvula for two minutes, 33.06 seconds.

    Apr 20 DavidEames 12 comments United States
  17. #60

    Longest Time Balancing A Spoon On Fingertip

    Brendan Kelbie balanced a spoon on his fingertip for two minutes, 31.97 seconds.

    Apr 20 Demythrate 2 comments Australia
  18. #61

    Farthest Distance To Remove The Cork From A Bottle By Throwing A Knife

    Madd Gyver threw a knife and hit a bottle, removing the cork, from 12 feet away. WARNING: This record can be dangerous. Please... (more)

    Apr 20 MadGyver 1 comment Canada
  19. #62

    Fastest Time To Walk 200 Yards In Snowshoes

    Kellie G. walked 200 yards on snowshoes in one minute and 18.78 seconds.

    Apr 20 KellieGregoire United States
  20. #63

    Longest Time Balancing A Table Tennis Ball On A Hockey Puck On A Straw Held In Hand

    Peter Durdik balanced a table tennis ball on a hockey puck on a straw held in his hand for three minutes, 3.53 seconds.

    Apr 20 PeterDurdik Slovakia