1. #47

    Fastest Time To Say First 50 Digits Of Pi With Eyes Closed

    Krishin P. recited the first 50 digits of Pi from memory in 5.46 seconds.

    Jun 30 KrishinParikh 9 comments United States
  2. #48

    Most Pester Balls Thrown In One Minute In "Pokemon Snap" (N64)

    Yahya I. threw 66 pester balls in one minute while playing Pokemon Snap.

    Jun 30 Yahyaijaz United States
  3. #49

    Longest Time Balancing Two Golf Clubs On Chin While Sitting

    Doug McManaman balanced two golf clubs on his chin for one minute, 46.75 seconds while sitting.

    Jun 30 DougMcManaman 5 comments Canada
  4. #50

    Most Consecutive Two-Block Gap Jumps In "Minecraft" (PC)

    Will M. completed 279 two-block gap jumps on Minecraft.

    Jun 30 WillMerkle 6 comments United States
  5. #51

    Most Head Dips In 30 Seconds While Holding A Peacock Pose And Balancing Two Bricks On Back

    Shubham P. completed 82 head dips in 30 seconds while holding a peacock pose and balancing two bricks on his back.

    Jun 30 shubhamPotdar India
  6. #52

    Fastest Time To Open A Water Bottle, Take A Sip, And Close It

    Viktor O. opened a water bottle, took a sip, and closed it in 2.49 seconds.

    Jun 30 ViktorOkuka United States
  7. #53

    Highest Winning Score In "Money Vault"

    Ethan H. earned a score of $546,000 in Money Vault.

    Jun 30 EthanHayes United States
  8. #54

    Fastest Time To Complete 98 Knuckle Push-Ups

    Mohsin H. completed 98 knuckle push-ups in one minute, 32.13 seconds.

    Jun 30 mohsinh335 India
  9. #55

    Highest Score In "2048 Goku" (Online)

    Joseph K. earned 15,692 points in 2048 Goku.

    Jun 30 JosephKenneally Ireland
  10. #56

    Most 150-Pound Dumbbell Hammer Curls

    Jason F. completed ten 150-pound dumbbell hammer curls.

    Jun 30 JasonFaulkner United States
  11. #57

    Highest Score In "Free Running 2: Level 1" (Online)

    Joseph K. earned 10,600 points in Free Running 2.

    Jun 30 JosephKenneally Ireland
  12. #58

    Most People Wearing Different Multicolored Jackets While Supporting "Beyondblue"

    Luke and 11 of his friends wore multicolored jackets. They set the record to support the charity Beyondblue.

    Jun 30 LukeBannon United States
  13. #59

    Highest Score In "Pest Control: Stage 1.1" (Online)

    Joseph K. earned 997 points in Pest Control: Stage 1.1.

    Jun 30 JosephKenneally Ireland
  14. #60

    Most Doors Opened Using One Lever In "Minecraft"

    Ethan H. opened 1,156 doors using one lever in Minecraft.

    Jun 30 EthanHayes 4 comments United States
  15. #61

    Most One-Legged Jumps On A Trampoline

    Sydney L. jumped on a trampoline 1,004 times using only one leg.

    Jun 27 SydneyLevene 10 comments Northern Ireland
  16. #62

    Longest Time Blowing Milk Bubbles

    J. O'Hare blew bubbles from a glass of milk for three minutes, 35.50 seconds.

    Jun 27 johare 14 comments United States
  17. #63

    Most Behind-The-Back Throws While Juggling Three Basketballs

    Audi T. performed 39 behind-the-back throws while juggling three basketballs.

    Jun 27 AudiThoele 8 comments United States
  18. #64

    Most Head Dips In One Minute While Holding A Peacock Pose

    Shubham P. completed 140 head dips in one minute while holding a peacock pose.

    Jun 27 shubhamPotdar 1 comment India
  19. #65

    Highest Turn Streak On "Draw Something"

    Bellina and Kym had a streak of 1,150 turns on Draw Something.

    Jun 27 BellinaChin 57 comments United States
  20. #66

    Fastest Time To Name 10 Of Patrick Hardin's World Records

    Ethan H. named ten world records set by Patrick Hardin on RecordSetter in 12.80 seconds.

    Jun 27 EthanHayes 4 comments United States