1. #44

    Most Catches Juggling Three Bowling Balls While Riding A Unicycle

    Mike Hout completed 16 catches juggling three bowling balls while riding a unicycle.

    Nov 10 MikeHout 4 comments United States
  2. #45

    Most Recitations Of The English Alphabet While Doing A Handstand

    Kendall L. recited the English alphabet 15 times in a row while performing a handstand.

    Nov 10 kkennnyy United States
  3. #46

    Fastest Time To Roll A 9-Inch Diameter Frying Pan

    Stuart Burrell rolled a 9-inch diameter frying pan in 3.1 seconds. He set the record to raise funds for a local community radio... (more)

    Nov 10 StuartBurrell1 England
  4. #47

    Fastest Time To Complete Nine Balloon Headers

    Pavol Durdik completed nine balloon nine headers in 4.75 seconds.

    Nov 10 PavolDurdik 1 comment Slovakia
  5. #48

    Farthest Basketball Backward Shot Made While Kneeling And Spinning A Basketball On Thumb

    Demythrate made a successful basketball backward shot from 337 inches (28.08 feet) away while kneeling and spinning a basketball... (more)

    Nov 10 Demythrate Australia
  6. #49

    Longest Time Balancing A Turkey Decoy On A Pole On Right Ear While Kneeling

    Doug McManaman balanced a turkey decoy on a pole on his right ear for 15.47 seconds while kneeling.

    Nov 10 DougMcManaman Canada
  7. #50

    Most Consecutive Crucifix Push-Ups

    Ryan H. performed 51 consecutive crucifix push-ups.

    Nov 10 RyanHeffner United States
  8. #51

    Most Pogo Stick Jumps By A 11-Year-Old

    Ewan Chate jumped on a pogo stick 10,000 times. He is 11 years old.

    Nov 10 EwanChate 1 comment Australia
  9. #52

    Tallest Paper Cup Tower Stacked On Elbow In 30 Seconds

    Peter Durdik stacked 13 paper cups on his elbow in 30 seconds.

    Nov 10 PeterDurdik 3 comments Slovakia
  10. #53

    Most Minecraft Snowmen Built In One Minute

    Mumu Wy built 70 snowmen in one minute in Minecraft.

    Nov 10 MumuWy France
  11. #54

    Smallest Elephant Chalk Sculpture

    Satyanarayan M. created a sculpture of an elephant on a chalk pencil that measured 8.00 millimeters in height.

    Nov 10 Satyanarayanmaharana1 India
  12. #55

    Most Push-Ups In Three Minutes

    Alicia Weber performed 167 push-ups in three minutes.

    Nov 10 AliciaWeber United States
  13. #56

    Highest Score In "Toy Blast: Level 538" (Online)

    Pavol Durdik earned 306,560 points in Toy Blast: Level 538.

    Nov 10 PavolDurdik Slovakia
  14. #57

    Tallest Fidget Spinner Tower Stacked On A Tennis Ball

    Pavol Durdik stacked nine fidget spinners on a tennis ball.

    Nov 08 PavolDurdik 8 comments Slovakia
  15. #58

    Longest Backbend

    Chloe held a backbend pose for eight minutes, 54.00 seconds.

    Nov 08 Chloeechinnery1 7 comments England
  16. #59

    Most Cricket Balls Juggled With One Hand

    Demythrate juggled three cricket balls with one hand.

    Nov 08 Demythrate 1 comment Australia
  17. #60

    Longest Time Balancing A Bag Of Leaves On A Pole On Chin While Wearing A Skeleton Costume

    Doug McManaman balanced a bag of leaves on a pole on his chin for 49.03 seconds while wearing a skeleton costume.

    Nov 08 DougMcManaman Canada
  18. #61

    Most Consecutive One-Legged Deck Squats Without Momentum

    Andrea Pallini performed four consecutive one-legged deck squats without momentum.

    Nov 08 andreapallini 1 comment Italy
  19. #62

    Longest Time Balancing A One-Kilogram Fixed Dumbbell On Index Finger

    Thommy Ohlund balanced a one-kilogram fixed dumbbell on his index finger for one minute, 12.47 seconds.

    Nov 08 ThommySweden Sweden
  20. #63

    Most Catches Of A Domino Balanced On Elbow In One Minute

    Richard Wilson completed 31 catches of a domino balanced on his elbow in one minute.

    Nov 08 RichardWilson England