1. #47

    Most Ariana Grande And Meghan Trainor Songs Named In 20 Seconds

    Aisling M. named 21 Ariana Grande and Meghan Trainor songs in 20 seconds.

    Apr 22 Aislingmoore Northern Ireland
  2. #48

    Longest Time Balancing Two Wine Bottles On Top Of A Solar Light On Thumb

    Mark Evans balanced two wine bottles on top of a solar light on his thumb for two minutes, 3.47 seconds.

    Apr 22 markowen Wales
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    Longest Time Balancing An Oil Lamp On Thumb While Kneeling

    Doug McManaman balanced an oil lamp on his thumb for three minutes, 27.28 seconds while kneeling.

    Apr 22 DougMcManaman Canada
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    Longest One-Arm Plank While Carrying A 50-Pound Rucksack

    William C. performed a one-arm plank for two minutes, 1.89 seconds while carrying a 50-pound rucksack.

    Apr 22 WilliamCannon Scotland
  5. #51

    Most Microsoft "Windows" Opened At Once

    Rahil S. opened 60 Microsoft Windows at once.

    Apr 22 Rahil45 India
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    Longest Time Balancing A Five-Kilogram Weight On A Weightlifting Bar On Thumb While Sitting

    Mark Evans balanced a five-kilogram weight on a weightlifting bar on his thumb for one minute, 2.09 seconds while sitting.

    Apr 22 markowen Wales
  7. #53

    Most K-Town Card Cuts Performed In One Minute While Holding A 15-Pound Exercise Plate On Index Finger

    Kamal Aslam performed 19 K-Town card cuts in one minute while holding a 15-pound exercise plate on his index finger.

    Apr 22 KamalAslam India
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    Most Recognitions Received For Doing Community Work

    Narine Dat Sookram received 100 awards and recognitions for doing community work. Read more about Narine here.

    Apr 22 NarineDat Canada
  9. #55

    Most Revo-Flipped Card Cuts Performed In 30 Seconds While Holding 20-Pound Exercise Plates On Index Finger

    Kamal Aslam performed seven Revo-Flipped card cuts in 30 seconds while holding 20-pound exercise plates on his index finger.

    Apr 22 KamalAslam India
  10. #56

    Fastest Time To Add Multiples Of 7 Up To 126 With Eyes Closed

    Amal A. added multiples of 7 up to 126 in 3.81 seconds with his eyes closed.

    Apr 22 AMALABY 3 comments India
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    Most Hats Worn At Once

    Austin R. wore 61 hats at once.

    Apr 21 AustinRader 6 comments United States
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    Most Pistol Squats Performed In One Minute While Balancing On One's Hands

    Silvio Sabba performed 12 pistol squats in one minute while balancing on another person's hands.

    Apr 21 SilvioSabba Italy
  13. #59

    Most Women Riding Motorcycles At Once

    Debb D. led 221 women from 2WHEELBABES in riding motorcycles at once. They set the record to celebrate women who love motorcycles... (more)

    Apr 21 DebbDagger Australia
  14. #60

    Most Pirouettes Performed Before Catching A Flaming Cigar Box Using Two Cigar Boxes

    Kristian Kristof performed four pirouettes before catching a flaming cigar boxes using two cigar boxes.

    Apr 21 KristianKristof Hungary
  15. #61

    Tallest Toilet Paper Roll Tower Held In Hand

    Frederic D. held 17 toilet paper rolls in one hand. He set the record for Sziget Festival.

    Apr 21 Frederic 9 comments Belgium
  16. #62

    Longest Straw Amrpit Fart While Standing On A Yoga Block Holding Tree Pose

    Melissa T. produced a straw armpit fart sound that lasted 9.55 seconds while standing on a yoga block holding tree pose.

    Apr 21 Melissaten United States
  17. #63

    Longest Time Balancing A Cue Stick On Thumb

    Mark Evans balanced a cue stick on his thumb for seven minutes, 22.28 seconds.

    Apr 21 markowen Wales
  18. #64

    Fastest Time To Make A Double Star With Rubber

    Timothy U. made a double star rubber band shape using a single rubber band in 5.47 seconds.

    Apr 21 TimothyUmlas United States
  19. #65

    Largest Origami Ninja Star Collection

    Rika K. has 369 origami ninja stars in her collection.

    Apr 21 RIKAMICABLE Indonesia
  20. #66

    Longest Elbow Plank with One Arm Behind Back

    William C. performed an elbow plank with his left arm behind his back for two minutes, 49.72 seconds.

    Apr 21 WilliamCannon Scotland