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The mustache, also known as the mouth hat or nose shoe, is a most versatile strip of hair. Depending on how it's trimmed and styled, a mustache can turn its wearer into almost anything. Seventies detective, for instance. Or Charlie Chaplin. Or Dali. The adaptability of the mustache, and its ability to express character, make it perfect for including in world records. Whether home-grown, drawn on with marker or faked with faux fur, all mustaches are accepted here.

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Most Strangers Marker Mustached In 30 Seconds

01:19 United States

Dave O. led Clark marker mustached 33 people in 30 seconds. They set the record as part of their #ThrillSequence series at ONE Student Ministries in Savage, Minnesota.

Fastest Time To Shave Off One's Mustache

00:17 United States

Josh P. shaved off his mustache in 6.28 seconds.

Longest Time Balancing Pen On Upper Lip

13:40 United States

James S. balanced a pen on his upper lip for 13 minutes, 17.40 seconds.

Longest Time Balancing A Spoon On Chin While Wearing A Fake Mustache

02:18 United States

Debra E. balanced a spoon on her chin for one minute, 50.13 seconds while wearing a fake mustache.

Most People Wearing Fake Mustaches On A TV Show

Seventy-two people from Workman Publishing put on fake mustaches and watched a live taping of Good Morning America on Thursday, November 10, 2011 in New York City. The record was set in conjunction with the launch of the first ever RecordSetter Book of World Records. Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson were on hand to witness the feat. Check out all the photos from the event.

Most Female Dog Names Named In 10 Seconds While Wearing A Toothpaste Mustache

00:41 United States

Grace named 29 female dog names in 10 seconds while wearing a toothpaste mustache.

Largest Group Wearing Fake Mustaches To Raise Awareness Against Bullying

05:13 United States

A total of 333 students and staff of North Union Middle School in Richwood, Ohio wore fake mustaches at school to raise awareness against bullying. They wore the mustaches to signify that it is okay to be different.

Most J.Crew Catalogue Models Mustached In One Minute

02:10 United States

Marc Tatarsky drew mustaches on 63 clothing models in a J.Crew catalog in one minute.

Most Clothespins Attached To A Mustache

00:27 South Africa

Petrus' friend attached 15 clothespins to his mustache at once.

Longest Time Jumping Rope While Wearing A Fake Mustache

01:53 Australia

Cloe W. jumped rope for one minute, 40.94 seconds while wearing a fake mustache.

Fastest Time To Count To 25 While Wearing A Toothpaste Mustache

00:21 United States

Kristin W. counted from 1 to 25 in 5.20 seconds while wearing a toothpaste mustache.

Longest Line Of People Making Finger Mustaches And Giving "Thumbs Up" Signs

01:23 United States

152 campers fromCamp Ronald McDonaldformed a line and gave the people next to them a finger mustache while giving a “thumbs up” sign at the same time.

Most Fake Mustaches Worn At Once

04:38 Canada

Ben A. wore 16 fake mustaches on his face at once.

Most Dancers Wearing Fake Mustaches In A Can-Can Line

00:19 United States

Wendy B. organized a can-can line featuring 13 dancers with fake mustaches. #BM2007

Longest Time To Spin A Basketball On A Pinky While Wearing A 5-Foot Fake Mustache

00:36 United States

Matt Parker spun a basketball on his pinky for 11.14 seconds while wearing a 5-foot fake mustache. He set the record on July 1, 2009 in Cheraw, South Carolina. Chad Lee was present as a witness. tag:RecordSetterBook01

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