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13:35 United States

Largest Multi-Song High School Lip Dub Video

Brien McMahon High School

1,700 senior students from Brien McMahon High School participated in a multi-song lip dub video. It took them four months to plan the feat. They set the record as a remembrance of their high school years.

02:12 United States

Largest Pen Collection

Jolly V.

Jolly V. has a collection of 16,500 pens. Most of his pens are given by friends from 16 different countries.

00:54 United States

Largest Pie Fight

Vickies Angel Walk Attendees

To raise funds for Vickie’s Angel Walk, hundreds of people threw a total of 2,400 pies at each other in the world’s largest pie fight. The event raised $2,500 and a full pallet of canned food. The food was donated to the Bethesda Mission in Harrisburg.The money raised will be used for financial assistance for families fighting cancer in Central Pennsylvania.


Largest Pile Of Shoes

Quest Youth Group

Quest Youth Group of Limes Avenue Baptist Church built a shoe pile of 150 shoes.

United States

Largest Pile Of Snails

Alison Gershik

Alison Gershik discovered a pile of 27 snails in Novato, California.


Largest Pillow Fight In A Hotel Room

Earline Stephen

Earline Stephen, Zennia Datulayta, Karen Paz, Rene Alexander Paz, Rob Birdsong, and six other people had a pillow fight in a hotel room. The record was set at Yotel in New York City. [#YotelOpenning][]

United States

Largest Rat Litter

Rich Kedzierski

Rich Kedzierski has a rat with 32 pinkies from one litter.

Largest Secret Santa Exchange

Reddit Community

17,543 people within Reddit’s community participated in an international Secret Santa exchange, a new world record. Participants from 91 countries exchanged over $500,000 in gifts. The project was created by Reddit community member Dan McComas. He used volunteers from within the community to help build and maintain the site. Read more about the Redditgifts project here.

00:15 United States

Largest Silent Anti-Cancer Message

Jenee Areeckal

Nine cancer survivors and eight oncology staff members participated in a 17-person silent anti-cancer message.

00:41 United States

Largest Slide Whistle Orchestra

Drew Anderson

Drew Anderson and five of his friends played slide whistles at once, a new world record.

14:38 United States

Largest Smarties (U.S.) Pyramid

Pete Moyer

Pete Moyer and Ethan Dixon built a pyramid using 8,555 Smarties candies. It weighs over six pounds and has a base layer of 26 x 26.

United States

Largest Snapple Bottle Cap Pyramid

Nicholas Sendelbach

Nicholas S. collected 55 Snapple bottle caps and assembled them into a pyramid.

United States

Largest Super Ball Pyramid

John Schloegel

John Schloegel constructed a pyramid using 30 Super Balls.

00:46 India

Largest Telephone Card Collection

Sunil Joseph

Sunil Joseph has 11,624 phone cards in his collection. He has cards from over 224 countries.

01:29 United States

Largest Terrible Towel Collection

Emmett Newsome

Emmett Newsome has 173 Terrible Towels in his collection.

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