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Fastest Time To Construct A Paper Airplane From A Magazine Page

00:6 Pakistan

Shahzeb Khan constructed a paper airplane from a magazine page in 5.46 seconds.

Most World Records Written About In An Article

United States

Patrick Scott Patterson wrote about 17 RecordSetter World Records in an article for Read the full article here.

Tallest Manga Tower

United States

Cassandra Godin built a 76-volume tower of [manga][1] books. [1]:

Longest AP Magazine Domino Chain Using Issues With Paramore Covers

00:46 United States

Mike Shea and the staff of Alternative Press Magazine created a domino chain using 76 Paramore magazines and successfully toppled the entire chain. They set the record as part of the kickoff for Paramore's "Ain't It Fun" music video. NOTE: To challenge this record, you must follow all rules below.

Most Magazine Pages Fit In Mouth

01:25 United States

Nathan Scarbrough fit 20 magazine pages in his mouth at once. NOTE: This record can be dangerous. Please use caution.

Largest BusinessWeek Magazine Collection

United States

Hanna Sweiss has 909 issues of BusinessWeekin his collection. He has held a subscription for 21 years and counting.

Most Canadian Living Magazines Balanced On Head At Once

00:49 Canada

Joel MacNeil balanced eight [Canadian Living][1] magazines on his head at once. [1]:

Largest Collection Of Magazines With Lindsay Lohan On Cover

United States

Lindsay Gagnon has 22 magazines that feature Lindsay Lohan on the cover.

Most Consecutive Times Stopping And Keeping Up A Spinning Quarter On A Magazine

01:00 United States

Matt Walters stopped and kept up a spinning quarter nine times on a magazine.

Largest Mad Magazine Collection

United States

Olliver has 402 Mad Magazines in his collection. He has been collecting since he was in his pre-teens.

Most Game Informer Magazines Balanced On One Hand

01:39 United States

Christopher R. balanced 24 issues of Game Informer magazines on his hand.

Most Items In A Barack Obama Shrine

United States

Christopher Singlemann has 15 items in his Barack Obama shrine. In his collection are four magazines specifically about Obama, newspapers from his election victory, a book of his inaugural speech, and an Amazing Spiderman comic book that features Obama.

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