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Most Swiss Ball Squats In One Minute

02:05 United States

Alicia Weber completed 15 Swiss ball squats in one minute.

Longest Time To Support Body With Arms While Extending Legs Horizontally

01:28 United States

Alicia Weber supported her body with her arms for one minute, 27.69 seconds while extending her legs horizontally.

Longest Time Standing On Left Foot

1:02:06 United States

Tai Star stood on his left foot for one hour, two minutes, 3.00 seconds.

Longest Time Standing With Leg Behind Head

22:24 India

Sagar stood with his leg behind his head for 21 minutes, 33.35 seconds.

Most Consecutive Feet-Together, Hands-At-Knee Straight Leg Pulses

01:40 United States

Alicia Weber performed 153 feet-together, hands-at-knee straight leg pulses.

Most Consecutive "Tick Tock" Gymnast Moves In 30 Seconds

00:45 Canada

Tori G. completed 31 tick tocks in 30 seconds.

Most Continuous "Back Flip to Knees" Somersaults On A Trampoline

01:00 England

Tim H. performed 30 "back flip to knees" somersaults on a trampoline.

Most Opposite Arm And Leg Leaping Mountain Climber Exercises In Five Minutes

07:05 United States

Alicia Weber performed 115 opposite arm and leg Leaping Mountain Climber exercises in five minutes.

Longest Swiss Ball Leg Lift Cadence Test

21:01 United States

Alicia Weber performed a Swiss ball leg lift cadence test for 19 minutes.

Most Rotations With Legs Behind Head

01:08 United States

Aloysiustsk completed 36 rotations with his legs behind his head.

Fastest Time To Put Leg Behind Head

00:49 United States

Lauryn put her leg behind her head in 0.19 seconds.

Most Consecutive Over-The-Leg Diabolo Catches While Balancing On One Foot

02:07 United States

Ben Hinton performed 76 consecutive over-the-leg diabolo catches while balancing on one foot.

Most Jumping Jacks While Listening To "Eye Of The Tiger"

04:12 United States

David Dargay completed 295 jumping jacks while listening to “Eye of the Tiger”.

Most One-Legged Squats While Playing A Didgeridoo

00:48 United States

Tai Star performed eight one-legged squats while playing didgeridoo.

Most Consecutive Devil Stick Leg Revolutions

01:53 Germany

Lukas R. completed 163 consecutive leg revolutions using devil sticks.

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