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Most Kids Cooking With Their Parents At Once

02:01 United States

Inside the New York Public Library, a total of 101 kids and their parents cooked together at once. The event, hosted by celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson, was created by Uncle Ben's in an effort to encourage families cooking fresh food together. RecordSetter CEO Dan Rollman was present to adjudicate the event.

Most Smiles By A One-Month Old Baby In One Minute

00:42 United States

Jacob smiled seven times in less than one minute. He is 29 days, 14 hours old during the attempt.

Largest Smoothie Consumed By A Youth Group

22:52 United States

Student Ministry members of Christ Community Church in Daytona Beach drank a five-gallon smoothie.

Most Paper Claws Worn On An Index Finger

United States

Carver folded and wore 130 paper claws at once on his right index finger.

Most Superheroes Named In 15 Seconds

00:43 United States

Adam G. named 23 superheroes in 15 seconds.

Fastest Time To Stomp 20 Small Bags Of Chips

01:20 United States

Breanna stomped 20 small bags of chips in 39.65 seconds Breanna suffered from an aggressive brain tumor that has left her blind. She has always wanted to set a record and this is her first successful record attempt.

Most Burps While Balancing A Book On Head

01:14 United States

Dalton J. burped 59 times while balancing a book on his head.

Fastest Time To Sing The Rap From Justin Bieber's "Baby"

00:19 Norway

Nathalie S. sang the rap from Justin Bieber's "Baby" in 10.40 seconds.

Fastest Time To Finish Bowser's Castle Course In "Mario Kart Wii" With Heel Raised Off Ground

03:00 United States

T. K. finished Bowser's Castle course in Mario Kart Wii in two minutes, 45.03 seconds while keeping his right heel elevated above the ground.

Largest Lap Circle

00:41 United States

A total of 62 members of FCOG Youth formed a lap circle. Each participant balanced on the lap of the person behind them.

Most Lego Figures In A Lego Car

00:53 United States

Zizo and his sister put 100 Lego figures in a Lego car.

Youngest Solo Bungee Jumper

02:43 United States

Nine-year-old Dorian Jones performed a solo bungee jump at the Del Mar Fair in Del Mar, California.

Longest Distance For A Four-Year-Old To Pull A Car Using Hair

05:21 India

Mani Shankar, a four-year-old boy, pulled a car 60 feet (720 inches) using his hair.

Longest Chain Of Kids Thumb Wrestling While Lying Down

00:33 United States

Maggie J. led 63 kids to thumb wrestle while lying face down.

Tallest Lego Tower Knocked Over With One Kick

00:55 United States

Alexi knocked over a Lego tower 78 inches tall with a single kick.

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