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Longest Non-Stop Nyan Cat

00:15 United States

Potomac Nyaned for 5,373,417 seconds (1492.61 hours) in Nyan Cat. That's 62.19 days worth of Nyan.

Most Mozilla Firefox Tabs Open At Once

United States

Justin Bankopened 11,411 tabs on hisMozilla Firefox browser at the same time.

Most Unread Emails In An Inbox

United States

Marco Araujo has 326,548 unread emails in his inbox. See full-sized image here.

Most Spam Emails In An Inbox


Adam Hartshorne has 221,931 spam messages in his email inbox.

Most Messages In A Facebook Email Thread

00:16 United States

Dan E. created a Facebook email thread that contains 547,453 messages.

Longest Active Skype Call

00:20 United States

Travis and his friends kept a Skype call open for 1191 hours, 28 minutes and 40 seconds.

Most Companion Pets In World Of Warcraft

00:07 England

Alan B. has 395 companion pets in World of Warcraft.

Most Runs Scored In A Game Of "World Series Superstars"

United States

Robert Owen scored 53 runs in a game of World Series Superstars.

Most Pending Facebook Friend Requests

00:15 United States

Carel Haiti has 3,004 pending Facebook friend requests. NOTE: Moving forward, submissions must observe the RecordSetter Facebook submission criteria[], including video evidence.

Largest Group To Check In At Same Venue On Foursquare At Once

00:21 United States

814 University of Nebraska students checked in on Foursquare to the Big Boi concert on October 14, 2010. More info here.

Most Facebook Photo Albums

United States

Samson-Ramson has 2,500 photo albums on Facebook.

Most Unread Emails In Inbox

00:30 United States

Joey M. has 4,294,967,256 unread emails in his inbox.

Most Internet Meme Costumes Worn At A Party

United States

Eighty people dressed up in Internet meme costumes at a party, a new world record. Costumes worn included Nyan cat, Hipster Ariel, Dancing Pumpkin and Fail Whale. More photos of internet folks dressed as memes on BuzzFeed.

Longest URL Generated Using A URL Shortening Service

United States

Most Unread Skype Messages In A Conversation

United States

Riley Wood 472,120 unread messages in a single conversation on Skype.

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