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Coldest Temperature In Which To Perform The Centipede While Wearing Boxer Shorts

00:50 United States

Randy Parsons-Duff performed The Centipede dance in 5 degrees Fahrenheit (–15 Celsius) weather conditions.

Fastest Time To Make One Gallon Of Slushie Using A Homemade Slushie Machine

04:01 United States

Zack Tons, James Lenhart, and Jon Reinhold made a gallon of Pepsi slushie using a homemade slushie machine in three minutes, 9.50 seconds. They poured three liters of soda and five pounds of ice in to a homemade machine made from a five-gallon cooler and a 1/2 horsepower garbage disposal to achieve the feat.

Fastest Time To Remove 30 Hot Dogs From A Bucket Of Ice Water Using Feet

01:41 United States

Hannah Mansour removed 30 hot dogs from a bucket of ice water in 54.64 seconds using only her feet.

Highest Tap Dance

01:12 Nepal

Heather O’Neal tap danced at an elevation of 5364 meters. She performed the feat at Mount Everest’s South Base Camp in Khumbu, Nepal. tag:RecordSetterBook01

Longest Ice Bar

01:36 United States

Team World Record Ice (Dawson List, Max Zuleta, James Ottens, Dominique Collel, and Joe Rimer) built an ice bar 207 feet in length. Read more about the feat here.

Longest Time Holding An Ice Cube With Both Hands

16:23 United States

Madison W. held an ice cube with both hands for 16 minutes, 9.89 seconds.

Longest Time To Be Submerged In An Ice Bath

07:14 India

Ankur Singh submerged himself in an ice bath for 52 minutes. NOTE: This record can be dangerous and may only be attempted by trained professionals.

Most Consecutive Laps Drifting A Motorcycle On An Ice Track Without Wearing A Shirt

01:26 Sweden

Olof Eriksson completed two laps drifting a motorcycle on an ice racing track without wearing a shirt.

Most Consecutive Single Axels On Ice Skates

01:08 United States

Taylor Blair landed 21 consecutive single axel jumps on his ice skates.

Most Consecutive Walley Jumps On Ice Skates

00:48 United States

Maggie Houseman completed 25 consecutive walleys on ice skates.

Most Images Of 'Caution: Falling Ice' Signs In One Blog Post

United States

Kevin Lynch posted 15 images of ‘Caution: Falling Ice’ signs in a single blog post, a new world record. Lynch put up the blog post on January 16, 2009 in Chicago, Illinois. Dan Lynch was present to serve as a witness. You can see the entire blog post here.

Most People Singing "Jesus Loves Me" While Standing In A Kiddie Pool Filled Ice Water


A total of nine members of Concord Baptist Youth sang Jesus Loves Me while standing in a kiddie pool filled ith ice water.

Tallest Ice Luge

01:52 United States

Team World Record Ice (Dawson List, Max Zuleta, James Ottens, Dominique Collel, and Joe Rimer) sculpted an ice luge 23 feet tall. They called it Rapunzel and the piece was the centerpoint of their ice bar. Read more about the feat here.

Tallest Ice Sculpture Built By One Person

04:33 Canada

Darryl Learie built an ice sculpture 21 feet and 6 inches (6.67 meters) in height. The measurement was taken from the ground level to the top of the sculpture.

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