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Highest Turn Streak On "Draw Something"

00:54 United States

Bernard and his friend, Lola McLola, had a streak of 999 turns on Draw Something. The international game was played with Lola in Kuala Lumpur and Bernard in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA.

Highest Single Move "Words With Friends" Score

00:20 United States

Tony Hall and Douglas Gohn scored 1,674 points by spelling the word ‘oxyphenbutazone’ while playing Words With Friends on his iPhone.

Highest Score In "Tiny Wings" (iOS)

United States

Bailey Landrum scored 1,484,284 points in Tiny Wings on his iPhone.

Lowest Score On Tiny Wings

01:19 United States

Brett Kanter earned 1,062 points in Tiny Wings on his iPhone.

Most Hours Logged On An iPhone Stopwatch

00:15 United States

Joshua Mallik has logged 78,888 hours, 32.80 seconds on his iPhone stopwatch.

Longest FaceTime Chat

01:25 United States

Mae and her boyfriend chatted on FaceTime for 64 hours, 26 minutes.

Largest Group To Check In At Same Venue On Foursquare At Once

00:21 United States

814 University of Nebraska students checked in on Foursquare to the Big Boi concert on October 14, 2010. More info here.

Most iPhone Game Center Achievements

United States

VGM1296 earned 3,036 achievements on iPhone Game Center games.

Highest Score In "Falldown"

United States

Cody T. earned 269 points in Falldown 3D.

Highest Score On "Icopter"


Daniel Romero earned 2,831 points on Icopter.

Most iPhone Game Center Games

United States

Wesley W. has 218 games listed in his iPhone Game Center.

Most iPhones Held In Hand At Once

United States

Colleen's friend held 11 iPhones in his hand at once.

Most iPhone Tosses Between Two People In One Minute With Bystander Slow Clapping

01:31 Canada

Two members of 103.1 Virgin Radio in Winnipeg, Manitoba tossed an iPhone back and forth to each other 52 times in one minute while a bystander slow-clapped.

Fewest Attempts Needed To Stop iPhone Stopwatch At Exactly 1.0 Seconds

00:11 United States

Taj Ubom got his iPhone stopwatch to stop at exactly 1.0 seconds on his first attempt.

Highest Score On Solipskier

United States

Jonatan May scored 1,936,741,476 points playingSolipskier.

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