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Here is a list of records about the human body. Check out these strange and amazing feats.

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Most Golf Balls Held In Hand At Once

03:02 Italy

Silvio S. held 27 golf balls in his hand at once.

Most Mousetraps Set Off On Tongue In One Minute

00:47 United States

Kameron Messmer set off 13 mousetraps on his tongue in one minute.

Most Tongue Rolls In One Minute

01:17 United States

Liam Radley completed 106 tongue rolls in one minute.

Most Sit/Stand Repetitions In One Minute

01:59 United States

Bridget Parker's friend sat all the way down and stood back up 43 times in one minute.

Most Sporks Held In Hand At Once

00:18 United States

Sophie Wingland held 248 sporks in one hand. The feat was achieved on October 18, 2009 at the Saucony Originals[] tent at the Treasure Island Music Festival in San Francisco, California. #TI01

Deepest Toe Cameltoe (Female)

United States

Melina Bast’s toe cameltoe is 1.90 inches in depth.

Smallest Nipple (Male)

United States

Jonathan James Jr. has a supernumerary nipple that measures .032 centimeters in diameter.

Most Temporary Tattoos On A Body

00:43 United States

Jamie N. covered his body with 341 temporary tattoos at once.

Most Fingers Bent Backwards To Touch One's Own Forearm

01:04 Pakistan

Sam N. bent 10 fingers back to touch his forearm.

Highest Wedgie

04:36 United States

Todd DeFazio received a wedgie measuring 22 inches in height. The measurement was taken from the top point of his underwear to his belt line. He performed the feat live on-air in the Star 100.7

Longest Scar


Shelby Kneitl has a scar on her right leg measuring 34.75 inches (88.27 centimeters). It stretches from her ankle to above her hip.

Most People Involved In Shaving Off One Man's Beard

05:16 United States

Corey Henderson said goodbye to his beard in style by letting a world record 23 people contribute to shaving it off his face. Henderson used a Wahl electric razor, and held up a generic plastic bucket to catch the trimmings. The participants ranged from his wife Emily to several complete strangers found on the street. [][][#WRAS01][] []:

Most Nipples (Male)

United States

Jonathan James Jr. has five nipples on his chest and two more in development. The nipples have been confirmed by his primary care physician. See full-sized images here and here. tag:RecordSetterBook01

Longest Sideburn

United States

Vincent Sanchez has a sideburn measuring 11" in length.

Longest Toenail

United States

Scot Bain has a toenail measuring 1 inch.

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