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Highest Score In Temple Run: Brave

United States

Rach V. earned 54,483,328 points in Temple Run: Brave.

Tallest Single Column TNT Tower In "Minecraft"

04:38 United States

Ryan Houghtaling placed 257 units of TNT in Minecraft in a single column.

Highest Score On Level 3-4 Of "Angry Birds Rio"


Fred 03 earned 111,820 points on level 3-4 of Angry Birds Rio.

Highest Score On Level 1-2 Of Angry Birds Space: Pig Bang

United States

HappyShake earned 46,740 points on level 1-2 of Angry Birds Space: Pig Bang.

Highest Score In "Donkey Kong Jr."

United States

Paul Zimmerman earned 1,034,800 points in Donkey Kong Jr.

Highest Score On "Sandstorm" Track Of "Dance Central 2" (XBox 360)

04:11 Australia

Tatiana S. earned 2,392,388 points in a game of Dance Central 2 on the track Sandstorm.

Highest Score On Level 1-3 Of "Angry Birds Rio"

00:24 Wales

Peter Mee earned 60,670 points on Level 1–3 of Angry Birds Rio.

Highest Score On Level 3-8 Of "Angry Birds Rio"

United States

Len Gazeley earned 154,090 points on Level 3–8 in “Angry Birds Rio.”

Highest Scoring Single Move In "Matching With Friends"

United States

Andes C. earned 41,760 points in a single move in Matching With Friends.

Highest Score In "Subway Surfers" (Mobile Game App)

United States

Tyler earned 1,963,258,074 points in Subway Surfers.

Highest Score In "World's Fastest Tapper" (Online)

01:25 United States

Chris B. earned 790 points in World's Fastest Tapper.

Highest Summit Climbed By Multiple Sclerosis And Parkinson's Disease Patients

United States

Leap of Faith organizer Lori Schneider and seven organization members with multiple sclerosis and four with Parkinson's diseases successfully climbed the 19,341-foot summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. They set the record to inspire people with neurodegenerative diseases. Learn more about the feat here.

Highest Score In "Missile Command" (Arcade)

30:02 Sweden

Victor Sandberg earned 103,809,990 points in Missile Command. It took him 71 hours and 46 minutes to achieve the score. Watch his entire gameplay here.

Highest Score In "Zombocalypse"

United States

Zach M. earned 12,214 points in Zombocalypse.

Highest Number Counted To With One Breath

00:56 Canada

Mike Smith counted to 125 with one breath.

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