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Highest "Dinosaur Planet" Score In "Star Fox Adventures" (GameCube)

01:39 United States

Matthew F. earned 1,540 points in Dinosaur Planet in Star Fox Adventures.

Highest "Flappy Bird" Score

35:02 Belgium

Bassie W. earned 1,597 points in Flappy Bird.

Highest "Flappy Bird" Score Using Pinky Finger

01:48 United States

Alexander C. earned 68 points in Flappy Bird using his pinky finger.

Highest Airtime In A Single Round Of "Hill Climb Racing"

00:28 Finland

Nikolas L. had 19,500 airtime in a single round of Hill Climb Racing.

Highest Altitude Reached By Motorcycle

11:20 England

Together with the Husaberg Adventure Team, Walter Colebatch rode a motorcycle at an altitude of 6,361 meters. They accomplished the feat at Ojos del Salado in Chile. They set the record as part of the Andes Moto Extreme Project - Motorcycle Altitude World Record Ride.

Highest Altitude Reached Riding A Motorcycle (Female)

United States

Sherri Jo rode her motorcycle to reach an altitude of 5,903 meters in Volcan Ojos del Salado, Chile. Read more about the feat here.

Highest Arcade Score On "Normal" Difficulty In "Dead Or Alive 5" (Xbox 360)

11:46 United States

Robert R. earned 617,600 points on Normal Difficulty in Dead or Alive 5.

Highest Average Age Of Three People Riding A Three-Person Bicycle

00:9 United States

Bob Swaim (66), Stanley Wohlbach (92), and Joseph Zeller (93) rode an unorthodox three-person bicycle on the Saucon Rail Trail. The average age of the three riders stood at 83.3 years at the time of the attempt. Read more about the feat here.

Highest Backwards Bowling Score

05:46 United States

Andrew Cowen scored 280 points in a single game of backwards bowling. He completed 10 straight strikes during the attempt. Cowen set the record at Don Carter Lanes in Rockford, Illinois.

Highest Basketball Dunk Into A Swimming Pool

00:31 United States

Theskinnyman chris leapt off of his roof, slam-dunking a basketball from a height of 12 feet before dropping into a swimming pool.

Highest Block Smash Score In "Pokemon SoulSilver" (DS)

01:03 United States

Matthew F. earned a block smash score of 140 points in Pokemon SoulSilver.

Highest Blowout Point Total In "FIFA Street" (GameCube)

16:25 United States

Michael R. earned 13 blowout points in FIFA Street.

Highest Concert Performed In The United States


Chris Carraba of Dashboard Confessional performed a concert on top of Pikes Peak Mountain in Colorado at 14,111 feet above sea level. The concert was performed to raise funds for The Love Hope Strength Foundation[].

Highest Crayon Tower

03:02 United States

Elizabeth Bolinger built a crayon tower that reached 54 stories in height.

Highest Distance Jumped On "Minecraft"

00:44 United States

Ryan S. jumped 609,600 meters on Minecraft.

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