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Highest Unicycle Freemount

00:29 New Zealand

Nicholas Steward freemounted a unicycle 2.5 meters in height.

Highest Jump Into Broken Glass


Silvio S. jumped a height of 88.18 inches, landing in broken glass. WARNING: This record can be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt this record unless you are above the age of 18 or trained as a professional stunt man. We will not accept submissions in this category from minors.

Highest Score In "Worms Pinball" (PC)

02:29 England

Will O. earned 2,644,151,340 points in Worms Pinball.

Highest Airtime In A Single Round Of "Hill Climb Racing"

United States

Addison R. had 20,500 airtime in a single round of Hill Climb Racing.

Highest Score On A Single Level Of Angry Birds Rio Free

United States

Thomas Q. earned 188,580 points on a single level of Angry Birds Rio.

Highest Distance Jumped On "Minecraft"

00:44 United States

Ryan S. jumped 609,600 meters on Minecraft.

Most Coins Earned In "Coin Dozer" (Mobile)

02:04 United States

Robert earned 849,500 coins in Coin Dozer.

Highest Number Reached While Counting Aloud

02:15 United States

Jeremy Harper counted from 1 to 1,000,000 aloud. It took him 89 days to count up to one million. All footage was streamed live on the internet. The feat raised more than $10,000 for Push America.

Highest Score on "Berzerk RC28 Slow Bullets" (Arcade)

02:27:44 United States

Grant Thienemann earned 199,860 points in a game of Berzerk RC28 Slow Bullets.

Highest Score In "StickCricket All Star Slog"


Ricky R. scored 270 points in Stick Cricket All Star Slog.

Highest Score In "Fix It Felix Jr." (Android)

18:48 United States

John P. earned 146,500 points in Fix It Felix Jr.

Highest Backwards Bowling Score

05:46 United States

Andrew Cowen scored 280 points in a single game of backwards bowling. He completed 10 straight strikes during the attempt. Cowen set the record at Don Carter Lanes in Rockford, Illinois.

Highest "Flappy Bird" Score

35:02 Belgium

Bassie W. earned 1,597 points in Flappy Bird.

Highest Score In "Karate Champ" (NES)

02:00:03 United States

Glen Updike scored 1,111,100 points in Karate Champ. He dedicated this record to his good friend Josh Jones. See entire game here.

Highest Score On Level 1-8 Of "Angry Birds Space: Pig Bang"


Sudipta B. earned 69,770 points on level 1-8 of Angry Birds Space: Pig Bang.

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