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Farthest Distance Walked Lifting A Cement Bag With Hair While Holding A Cement Bag With Teeth And Balancing Another Cement Bag On Head

01:49 India

Montystar A. walked 6.5 meters lifting a cement bag with his hair while holding another cement bag with his teeth and balancing another one on his head. The total combined weight of the three cement bags is 150 kilograms.

Most Head Spins While Holding A Sitting Pose On Toes


Suresh G. spun his head 32 times while holding a sitting pose on his toes.

Most Overhead Presses Using A 100-Pound Medicine Ball

00:48 United States

Clint P. completed 17 reps pressing a 100-pound medicine ball over his head.

Longest Time To Balance 12 DVD Cases On Head While Sitting

23:38 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced 12 DVD cases on his head for 22 minutes, 6.12 seconds while sitting.

Furthest Distance To Hit A Golf Ball Off Of The Head Of A Stuffed Turkey With A .22-Caliber Rifle

04:08 Canada

Doug McManaman fired one shot with a rifle, hitting a golf ball on the head of a stuffed turkey from 50 yards away. NOTE: This record is dangerous and should only be attempted with proper training and safety precautions.

Most Golf Balls Balanced On Head

09:04 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced five golf balls on his face.

Most Wii Game Cases Balanced On Head While Saying "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"

02:33 United States

Tai Star balanced 29 Nintendo Wii game cases on his head while saying the word “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious".

Longest Time To Balance An Upside-Down Shoe On Top Of Head While Juggling Three Shoes

01:22 United States

Brian Pankey balanced an upside-down shoe on top of his head for one minute, 7.51 seconds while juggling three shoes.

Most Xbox 360 Game Cases Balanced On Head

00:52 United States

Bear Cruz balanced 18 Xbox 360 game cases on his head.

Most Consecutive Tosses Of 10 Coins Yielding 5 Heads And 5 Tails

01:10 United States

Alex Cunningham tossed 10 nickels and received a result of 5 heads and 5 tails two times.

Longest Time To Balance The "RecordSetter Book Of World Records" On Head

07:35 United States

Ben J. balanced a copy of the RecordSetter Book of World Records on his head for seven minutes, 25.50 seconds.

Most Types Of Hats Balanced On Head

01:00 United States

Tai Star balanced nine different types of hats on his head. He wore a camouflage safari hat, a fedora, santa hat, a beanie, a fez, an elf hat, a truckers cap, a top hat, and a straw hat.

Heaviest Pile Of Bricks Hammered While On A Person's Head

06:19 United States

Muhammad Rashid held 50 bricks weighing a total of 151 kilograms on his head. His friend hammered the bricks while they rested on his head.

Most Balls Flashed Off Of A Wall While Juggling Over The Head

00:7 United States

Brian Pankey flashed five balls off of a wall while juggling over his head.

Longest Time To Balance Five Bedding Items On Head While Pulling A Rolling Bag

05:11 United States

Tony Duncan balanced five items of bedding on his head for five minutes, 4.84 seconds while pulling a rolling bag.

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