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Most Consecutive Sombrero Tosses Between Four People

02:04 United States

Mike and three of his friends successfully tossed and caught a sombrero 69 times in a row.

Longest Time For Two People To Each Stand On One Leg While Holding Hands, Singing "Old MacDonald" And Wearing Three Hats

11:48 United States

Camm123 and his friend stood on one leg for 10 minutes, 11.25 seconds while singing and wearing three hats. They held hands throughout the attempt.

Fastest Time To Toss A Hat And Catch It On Top Of An Open Umbrella Balanced On Chin

00:14 United States

Brian Pankey tossed a hat and caught it on top of an open umbrella balanced on his chin in 1.25 seconds.

Most Two-Handed High Fives Given In 10 Seconds While Wearing A Hat And Glasses

00:14 United States

Kaley gave 25 two-handed high fives in 10 seconds while wearing a hat and glasses.

Most Hats Worn While Dancing On A Pool Noodle

00:52 United States

Cody P. wore 21 hats while dancing with a pool noodle between his legs. He set the record during the Vaughn Hill Church Talent Show.

Longest Time Hanging Upside Down While Playing A Ukulele And Wearing A Hat

04:59 United States

Tai Star hung upside down for three minutes, 59.12 seconds while playing ukulele and wearing a hat.

Most Consecutive Times To Toss A Hat From Behind The Back And Catch It On The Tip Of An Open Umbrella Held In Other Hand In 30 Seconds

00:30 United States

Brian Pankey tossed a hat from behind his back and caught it on the top of an open umbrella held in his other hand nine times in 30 seconds.

Largest Group Wearing Jellyfish Hats At Once


A group of 210 Lavallette Elementary Schoolstudents wore jellyfish hats at at once. They set the world record to raise environmental awareness forBarnegat Bay. See more about the event here.

Most RecordSetter Records Set In One Day While Wearing A Camouflage Hat

03:49 United States

Tai Star set 47 RecordSetter world records in one day while wearing a camouflage hat.

Tallest Ketchup Packet Tower Stacked On The Bill Of A Hat Held In Hand

01:31 United States

Brian Pankey assembled a ketchup packet tower on the bill of his hat held in his hand that reached 14 packets in height.

Most Types Of Hats Balanced On Head

01:00 United States

Tai Star balanced nine different types of hats on his head. He wore a camouflage safari hat, a fedora, santa hat, a beanie, a fez, an elf hat, a truckers cap, a top hat, and a straw hat.

Most Chicago Bulls Hats Balanced On Head

02:09 United States

A member of the KV Crew balanced 23 Chicago Bulls hats on his head.

Tallest Dice Tower On A Bill Of A Hat While Being Worn

01:17 England

Stephen K. stacked eight dice on the bill of a baseball cap while he was wearing it.

Most Hats Worn And Removed In 14 Seconds

00:28 Belgium

Schacht10 wore and removed 19 hats in 14 seconds.

Most Hats Juggled

00:40 United States

Brian Pankey juggled four hats.

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