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Fastest Time To Solve A Rubik's Cube While Hanging Upside Down

01:32 Mexico

Jasive J. solved a Rubik's cube in 41.34 seconds while hanging upside down.

Most Hangers Hung On One Hanger

United States

Viktor O. hung 43 hangers on one hanger.

Longest Time Playing Clarinet While Hanging Upside Down From A Tree Branch

01:55 United States

Dena A. played clarinet for one minute, 49.74 seconds while hanging upside down from a tree branch.

Longest Time Hanging From A Tree Branch

02:24 United States

Alicia Weber used her arms to hang from a tree branch for two minutes, 13.40 seconds.

Longest Time Hanging Upside Down On Rings

02:16 United States

Andreas W. hung upside down on gymnastic-style rings for two minutes, 7.91 seconds.

Longest Time Hanging Upside Down On A D-Shaped Ring

14:17 United States

Abikash Shukla hung upside-down on a D-shaped ring for 13 minutes, 57.53 seconds. WARNING: This record can be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt this record unless you are above the age of 18 and trained as a professional. We will not accept submissions in this category from minors.

Most Consecutive Waving Flexed One-Arm Hanging L Lifts

00:26 United States

Alicia Weber performed eight consecutive waving flexed one-arm hanging L lifts.

Most "Barrel Of Monkeys" Monkeys Hanging On An Ear

00:32 United States

Andrea's son hung 23 Barrel of Monkeys' monkeys from his ear.

Most Catches While Juggling Two Balls In One Hand And Hanging From The Other

00:35 England

Ewan C. completed 19 catches while juggling two balls in one hand and using the other hand to hang from a ladder.

Longest Time Hula Hooping While Hanging On A Rope

01:18 United States

Tai Star hula hooped for 21.53 seconds while hanging on a rope.

Most Consecutive Tree Root Pull-Ups

00:51 United States

Josh L. completed 10 consecutive pull-ups hanging from the root of a tree.

Longest Rim Hang By A 9-Year-Old Following An Assisted Slam Dunk

00:47 United States

A nine-year-old kid member of the Everett Family performed an assisted slam dunk and hung on the rim for 34.06 seconds.

Longest Time Hanging Upside Down While Playing A Ukulele And Wearing A Hat

04:59 United States

Tai Star hung upside down for three minutes, 59.12 seconds while playing ukulele and wearing a hat.

Longest Time Hitting Two Paddleballs While Hanging Upside Down

00:38 United States

Paddle Ball King hit two paddleballs for 17.05 seconds while hanging upside down.

Longest Arm Walk While Balancing Egg On Spoon In Mouth

02:51 United States

Alicia Weber climbed 54 feet along parallel bars while balancing an egg on a spoon in her mouth.

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