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Longest Time Balancing A Golf Ball On Back Of Hand

08:57 United States

Viktor O. balanced a golf ball on the back of his hand for eight minutes, 22.04 seconds.

Longest Time To Balance Broom On Hand While Sitting On Couch

20:16 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced a broom on his hand while sitting on a couch for 19 minutes, 7.17 seconds.

Tallest Ketchup Packet Tower Stacked On The End Of A Golf Club While Held In Hand

02:42 Canada

Doug McManaman assembled a ketchup packet tower on the end of a golf club held in his hand that reached 13 packets in height.

Tallest Ketchup Packet Tower Stacked On The End Of A Broom While Holding Broom In Hand

04:20 Canada

Doug McManaman assembled a ketchup packet tower on the end of a broom held in his hand that reached 15 packets in height.

Most Bounces Of A Baseball Off Of The Side Of A Building In 30 Seconds

00:31 United States

Brian Pankey bounced a baseball off of the side of a building and caught it with his hand 50 times in 30 seconds.

Tallest Starburst Candy Tower Stacked In Hand

01:20 United States

Brian Pankey built aStarbursttower on his hand 13 pieces in height.

Most Paw Handshakes By A Dog In 30 Seconds

01:14 United States

Caitlin Pearl coaxed her dog Honey to give her 21 handshakes in 30 seconds.

Most Sporks Held In Hand At Once

00:18 United States

Sophie Wingland held 248 sporks in one hand. The feat was achieved on October 18, 2009 at the Saucony Originals[] tent at the Treasure Island Music Festival in San Francisco, California. #TI01

Most Single-Handed Balloon Bounces In One Minute

01:06 United States

Bentley L. bounced a balloon on his hand 130 times in one minute.

Most Consecutive One-Handed Claps

26:03 United States

Jacob S. clapped 5,959 times in row with one hand.

Fastest Signing Of American Sign Language Alphabet By A Hearing Individual

United States

Marty Wormley signed the entire ASL alphabet in 4.43 seconds.

Most Quarters Balanced On Hand

04:29 United States

Jed Tarlow balanced 80 American quarters on the back of his hand.

Most One-Handed High-Fives In 10 Seconds Between Two People Standing On One Foot And Touching Their Own Noses

00:40 United States

Alexander Kuhn and his friend high-fived 74 times in 10 seconds while touching their noses and each standing on one leg.

Most Alternate Paw Handshakes By A Dog In 30 Seconds

00:48 Canada

Joel MacNeil's dog Ollie gave him 31 handshakes using alternating paws in 30 seconds.

Most People Making Hand Masks While On A Couch

00:45 United States

A total of 24 students of Travis Owen made hand masks using their fingers while sitting on a couch. They set the record as part of the Winter Blast 2012 activities with Cy-Fair Christian Church.

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