Halloween World Records

Halloween, one of America's greatest holidays, is the perfect time for record setting. Here are some costume, pumpkin and candy world records to get you inspired.

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Largest Smarties (U.S.) Pyramid

14:38 United States

Pete Moyer and Ethan Dixon built a pyramid using 8,555 Smarties candies. It weighs over six pounds and has a base layer of 26 x 26.

Largest Group Of People Dancing While Holding Gourds

05:28 Canada

Mel Sampson documented 90 people dancing while holding gourds. The record was set live on-air on 95.9 Sun FM outside their Canadian studio.

Fastest Time To Open Bag Of Skittles And Sort Them By Color

01:14 United States

Caitie McMekin opened a bag of Skittles and sort them by color in 21.95 seconds. tag:RecordSetterBook01

Largest Collection Of Jack-O-Lantern Grapes

United States

Elizabeth Fella created a collection of twenty-five jack-o-lantern grapes. She cut lids at the top of each piece and hollowed each grape out before hand-carving faces into each one. [#InternRecords][]

Most Internet Meme Costumes Worn At A Party

United States

Eighty people dressed up in Internet meme costumes at a party, a new world record. Costumes worn included Nyan cat, Hipster Ariel, Dancing Pumpkin and Fail Whale. More photos of internet folks dressed as memes on BuzzFeed.

Most Candy Corns Fit In A Closed Mouth

03:23 United States

Erica Guggenheim fit 70 pieces of candy corn in her mouth. NOTE: Stuffing food in mouth can be dangerous. Please use caution.

Longest Time Wearing Pumpkin On Head

09:56 United States

Todd DeFazio wore a pumpkin on his head for 13 hours and 18 minutes.

Tallest Smarties (USA) Tower

04:47 United States

Thomas McGinniss stacked 46 Smarties(known in Canada as Rockets and the UK as Swizzles Fizzers)in a single tower. McGinniss used the Smarties sold in the United States, not the more common chocolate version[] found around the planet.

Most Gourds Held At Once

01:20 United States

Emily Miethner held 10 gourds at once.

Longest Time To Balance Three Pumpkins On Chin

03:38 Canada

DougMcManaman balanced three pumpkins on his chin for 19.78 seconds.

Most Dum Dum Pops Held In One Hand

United States

Spencer Hutton held 166 Dum Dum Pops in his hand at once.

Most News Team Members Dressed On-Air In Halloween Costumes

01:58 United States

11 members of the WCNC news team in Charlotte, North Carolina wore Halloween costumes live on the air the morning of October 30, 2009. Costumes included a bus driver, Elvis Presley, Hello Helen, Mack Mullet, Flash Lightning, Count Sprinkula, Larry Lemon, Sonny, Cher, and Marilyn Monroe.

Most People Wearing FAIL Blog Costumes At Once

United States

Jacob Daines dressed up in a FAIL Blog costume for Halloween.

Fastest Time To Shoot A Face Onto A Pumpkin From 25 Meters Away

08:32 Canada

Using a.22 caliber rifle,Doug McManaman shot a face into a pumpkin from a distance of 25 meters away in 5 minutes, 31.38 seconds.

Largest Gathering Of Skeletons


Jokers’ Masquerade supplied 2,018 Swansea University students with scary skeleton costumes, breaking the previous world record. The feat was achieved on October 8, 2011 at the Swansea University Students Union[]. Read more about the event here.

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