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Longest Golf Chip Shot Into A Bucket

01:42 Canada

Luke Palleschi made a golf chip shot into a bucket with a nine-inch diameter from 392 inches away.

Most Consecutive "Behind The Back" Golf Ball Bounces

02:56 United States

Taylor Thompson bounced a golf ball behind his back 610 consecutive times using a golf club. tag:RecordSetterBook01

Most Consecutive Golf Ball Bounces Using Alternate Sides Of A Table Tennis Paddle

08:10 United States

Brian Pankey bounced a golf ball 1,099 consecutive times using alternating sides of a table tennis paddle.

Most Golf Balls Fit In Mouth

02:25 India

Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya fit five golf balls in his mouth at once. NOTE: Stuffing things in your mouth can be dangerous. Please use caution when making an attempt.

Fastest Time To Hit 100 Golf Balls

00:56 Canada

Josh Dekker hit 100 golf balls in 45.35 seconds.

Fastest Time To Hit 50 Golf Balls

00:24 Canada

Josh Dekker hit 50 golf balls in 19.95 seconds.

Most Consecutive Bounces Of A Golf Ball On Alternating Sides Of The Hand

05:37 United States

Longest Time To Balance A Golf Ball On The Edge Of A Hockey Puck

09:27 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced a golf ball on the edge of a hockey puck for seven minutes, 29.31 seconds.

Most Consecutive Golf Ball Bounces On Alternate Sides Of A Rubber Mallet

04:04 United States

Brian Pankey bounced a golf ball 597 times on alternating sides of a rubber mallet.

Most Body Parts On Which To Balance 12 Golf Balls On Top Of A Pole

11:46 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced 12 golf balls on top of a pole on ten body parts: his forehead, nose, chin, right ear, left thumb, right thumb, back of left hand, back of right hand, left wrist, and right wrist. This is McManaman's 1000th world record. Charlie Weeks of Oxford Journal, Ron Bickle of 107.9 FM, Carl Mcmanaman, Johnathan Macinnis of CTV News, Duncan Carter, and Trevor Gaillard were present to witness the attempt. News story here.

Most Golf Balls Fit Inside A Shirt While Wearing It

04:04 United States

Sarah fit 98 golf balls inside her shirt.

Longest Time Balancing A Golf Ball On Top Of A Soccer Ball On Non-Dominant Hand

14:51 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced a golf ball on top of a soccer ball on his non-dominant hand for 14 minutes, 2.82 seconds.

Most Golf Balls Held In Hand At Once

03:02 Italy

Silvio S. held 27 golf balls in his hand at once.

Most Consecutive Golf Ball Bounces On A Rubber Mallet While Juggling Two Tennis Balls

01:26 United States

Brian Pankey completed 223 consecutive golf ball bounces on a rubber mallet while juggling two balls with his free hand.

Most Consecutive Golf Ball Bounces On An Empty Wine Bottle

01:51 United States

Brian Pankey bounced a golf ball 212 consecutive times on an empty wine bottle.

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