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Most Two-Handed High Fives Given In 10 Seconds While Wearing A Hat And Glasses

00:14 United States

Kaley gave 25 two-handed high fives in 10 seconds while wearing a hat and glasses.

Most Consecutive Push-Ups Performed On Four Glasses

01:44 India

Rajesh K. performed 110 push-ups on four glasses.

Most Table Tennis Ball Bounces While Lying Down And Wearing Sunglasses

03:54 United States

Using a standard table tennis paddle, JJ lay down and hit a table tennis ball in the air 623 consecutive times. He wore sunglasses while setting the record.

Largest Google Glass Group Hug

00:49 United States

Matt E, Daniel O, Amanda L and Justin K shared a group hug while all wearing a pair of Google Glass. The record was set at the PepsiCo Digital Summit. The record was officiated by RecordSetter CEO Dan Rollman. #digitalfuture

Longest Time Balancing Six Coca-Cola Glasses On Top Of A Pole On Chin

04:57 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced six eight-ounce Coca-Cola glasses on top of a seven-foot pole on his chin for 36.34 seconds.

Most Pairs Of Glasses Worn At Once

00:54 United States

Daniel T. wore 36 pairs of glasses at once.

Farthest Distance To Walk Barefoot Over Broken Glasses While Balancing A Person On Shoulders

03:00 United States

Wes Barker walked barefoot over a pile of broken glass seven feet (2.13 meters) long while balancing a girl on his shoulders. Their total combined weight was 320 pounds. NOTE: This record is dangerous and should only be attempted by trained professionals

Most "Flaming Dr. Pepper" Drinks Consumed By A Group In One Hour

United States

The group "Burger Conquest" drank 143 Flaming Dr. Peppers in one hour. Each glass consisted of a half-pint of light beer, with shots of amaretto and Bacardi 151. NOTE: Excess alcohol consumption can be hazardous to one’s health. Please use caution.

Largest Pair Of Glasses

02:11 India

Zahoor Ali made a pair of glasses measuring 121 cm (47.6 inches) in height, 528 cm (207.9 inches) wide and 528 cm (207.9 inches) in length.

Most Dollar Coins Stacked On Top Of 3D Glasses While Standing

02:13 United States

Matt Spencer balanced 30 coins on his 3D glasses while standing. He balanced 15 coins on each lens.

Most Times Asking "Where Are My Glasses?" To Someone Tuning A Guitar In 30 Seconds

00:49 United States

Mick Cullenasked Carl Cutler “Where are my glasses?” 28 times during a live broadcast of WRLR 98.3 FM’sSubterraneanshow in Round Lake Heights, Illinois. This record was one of 16 URDB records broken during the show’s attempt to set a new record for Most URDB World Records Broken During A Live Radio Show[].

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