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Most Fiery Crashes In One Game Of "Pole Position"

01:46 United States

Corey Henderson displays a tremendous ability for horrendous video game driving by having 11 fiery crashes in one game of Pole Position. Henderson played on a stand-up arcade version of the game and used just one quarter. The record was set on September 20, 2008 at the Challenge Arcade in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.

Fastest Time To Level A Human Rogue From Level 1 To Level 2 In "World Of Warcraft"

01:39 United States

Matt Siegfried leveled a Human Rogue in World of Warcraft from Level 1 to Level 2 in 57.00 seconds. The feat was accomplished with no mods or add-ons to assist the player.

Highest Score On A "Miuchiz Monster" Handheld Game

00:28 United States

Romir S. scored 1,000,000 points on a Miuchiz Monster handheld video game.

Most Waves Conquered In "Warzone Tower Defense"

United States

Jung-Hoe Hopgood conquered 229 waves while playing Warzone Tower Defense[].

Highest Score On Goo Splat

United States

Lebedev Eugene reached Level 31 and scored 10,047 points in a single game of Goo Splat. The record was set on his Zune.

Highest Score On "InkBall"

United States

Matthias scored 1,030,245 points in a single game of InkBall.

Highest Score On "Bubble Shooter"

United States

Chris Weather scored 19,995,620 points playing Bubble Shooter.

Most 'Star Fox 64' Quotes Recited In One Minute

01:05 United States

Terry Torressaid 50 quotes from the video gameStar Fox 64in one minute.

Highest Single Move "Words With Friends" Score

00:20 United States

Tony Hall and Douglas Gohn scored 1,674 points by spelling the word ‘oxyphenbutazone’ while playing Words With Friends on his iPhone.

Highest Score In "Solitaire"


Yury C. scored 28,606 points in Solitaire.

Most Video Game Consoles Played In One Minute

02:22 United States

Ryan Sullivan played 13 different video game consoles in one minute. The feat was set at Ohayocon, an annual Japanese animation and gaming convention. Sullivan is the Tournament Coordinator and Gaming Department Head at the event, which is in its 11th year. Consoles and games in the lineup: Super Nintendo- Super Mario World Wii- Wii Sports Resort (100 Pin Bowling) Xbox 360- Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Gamecube - Super Smash Bros. Melee NES - Legend of Zelda Dreamcast - Crazy Taxi Playstation - Gex Genesis - Sonic The Hedgehog Xbox - Halo 2 PS2 - Namco Museum 50th Anniversary (Rolling Thunder) Sega Saturn - Revolution X PS3 - Tekken 6 Atari VCS - Missile Command

Most Fireballs Thrown By Sagat In 'Super Street Fighter IV' In 30 Seconds

01:05 United States

Using the character Sagat, Jay Doherty threw 37 fireballs in 30 seconds while playing Super Street Fighter IV. He set the record on Xbox 360.

Fastest Time To Complete First Level Of "Star Fox 64" (Nintendo 64)

02:23 United States

Zack Allard completed the first level of Star Fox 64 on Nintendo 64[] in two minutes, 17.53 seconds.

Most Pester Balls Thrown In One Minute While Playing Pokemon Snap On Nintendo 64

02:05 United States

Brandon Roudebush threw 65 pester balls in one minute while playing Pokemon Snap on the Nintendo 64.

Longest Active First-Person Shooter Online Squad

United States

Rob Tanner started the his online first-person shooter squad “Solldiers Of Eminence” on October 7th, 2001. At the time of posting this record, the group is 3280 days old.

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