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Highest Score On Level 9-9 Of "Angry Birds Rio"


Fred 03 earned 125,080 points on level 9-9 of Angry Birds Rio.

Longest Winning Streak In "5 In A Row Gomoku" (Online)

United States

Jonah had a streak of 62 wins in 5 In A Row Gomoku.

Lowest Score On A Completed Game Of "Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse" (NES)

30:05 United States

Rudy F. earned 70,600 points in a completed game of Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse. See entire gameplay here.

Most Combined Sniper Kills In A 2v2 Match In "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3" (PS3)

10:56 United States

Gamers at Joysticks Gaming played a 2v2 match of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and scored 62 combined sniper kills in total. The record was streamed live as part of the RecordSetter-Joysticks gaming event.

Most KOs Against Luigi In "Super Smash Bros." (N64)

United States

Alyjha W. made 1,145 KOs against Luigi in Super Smash Bros.

Closest Margin Reached From Losing A Two-Round "MLB Fantasy Baseball" Championship (Online)

United States

Anton K. achieved a 0.00069191-point margin by losing a two-round MLB Fantasy Baseball championship.

Farthest Distance Achieved In "Disney's Frozen: Throw Olaf" (Online)

01:33 Ireland

Joseph K. achieved 191.88 meters in Disney's Frozen: Throw Olaf.

Farthest Distance Achieved In "Monkey Kick Off" (Online)

00:14 Ireland

Joseph K. achieved a distance of 510 meters in Monkey Kick Off.

Farthest Distance Driven In A Single Round Of "Hill Climb Racing"

United States

Rene drove 18,014 meters in a single round of Hill Climb Racing.

Farthest Distance Fallen In "Minecraft"

08:18 United States

Justin's character fell a distance of 3000 meters in Minecraft.

Farthest Distance Fallen While Riding A Pig In "Minecraft"

01:01 United States

Williamboyx fell a distance of 479 meters while riding a pig in Minecraft.

Farthest Distance Flown In "Minecraft"

00:20 United States

Christopher R. flew a distance of 2,125.07 kilometers in Minecraft.

Farthest Distance Reached In "Kitten Cannon"

00:37 Philippines

Ma-Ann Balute reached a distance of 2,318 feet in a game of Kitten Cannon[].

Farthest Distance Reached In "Rail Riders" Mini-Game In "Mario Party DS"

00:32 Canada

Olivier L. reached 593.5 inches in the Rail Riders mini-game in Mario Party DS.

Farthest Distance Ridden On A Pig In Minecraft

United States

LJ P. rode a pig a distance of 667.03 kilometers in Minecraft.

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