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Game world records, whether real-world or virtual, are set after hours of intensive training and practice. Childhood favorites like Connect Four sit alongside recent iPhone hits such as Angry Birds. Whether your passion is board games or video games, you'll find a category to compete in here.

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00:29 United States

Largest Morning Dodgeball Game

Saint Louis University

101 Saint Louis University students participated in the world's largest morning dodgeball game. They set the record on campus as part of a Mountain Dew Kickstart event. RecordSetter officials were present to officiate the attempt.

01:25 United States

Highest Score In "World's Fastest Tapper" (Online)

Chris Braun

Chris B. earned 790 points in World's Fastest Tapper.

30:02 Sweden

Highest Score In "Missile Command" (Arcade)

Victor Sandberg

Victor Sandberg earned 103,809,990 points in Missile Command. It took him 71 hours and 46 minutes to achieve the score. Watch his entire gameplay here.


Highest Score In "1024" (Online)

Joseph Kenneally

Joseph K. earned 6,590 points in 1024.

United States

Highest Score On Level 1-3 Of "Angry Birds Seasons-Summer Pignic"


Bernie57 earned 118,560 points on level 1-3 of Angry Birds Seasons-Summer Pignic.

United States

Highest Score On Level 2-3 Of "Angry Birds"

Neil Bernier

Neil Bernier earned 126,850 points on Level 2–3 in World 1 ofAngry Birds[].


Highest Score On Level 5-21 Of "Angry Birds"

Erwin Maassen

Amauta earned 195,810 points on level 5-21 of Angry Birds.

00:37 Philippines

Farthest Distance Reached In "Kitten Cannon"

Ma-Ann Pacion

Ma-Ann Balute reached a distance of 2,318 feet in a game of Kitten Cannon[].


Highest Score On Level 1-1 Of "Angry Birds Rio"

Carole Graap

Carole Graap earned 63,540 points on Level 1–1 of Angry BirdsRio.


Highest Score On Level 5-1 Of "Angry Birds Rio"

Fred 03

Fred 03 earned 137,770 points on level 5-1 of Angry Birds Rio.

United States

Most Games Of Solitaire Played Using Windows Vista

Tiffany Smith

Tiffany Smith has played 74,150 games of solitaire using Windows Vista.

02:12:03 United States

Highest Score In "Asteroids" For Atari 2600

Paul Zimmerman

Paul Zimmerman earned 702,013 points in Asteroids for Atari 2600.

United States

Highest Score In "Falldown"

Cody Tebbetts

Cody T. earned 269 points in Falldown 3D.

United States

Highest Score On Level 2-10 Of "Angry Birds Rio"

Michael Scricco

Michael Scricco earned 87,080 points on level 2-10 of Angry Birds Rio.


Highest Score On Level 2-3 Of "Angry Birds Rio"

Fred 03

Fred 03 earned 103,880 points on Level 2-3 of "Angry Birds Rio."

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