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Longest Flag Football Game

United States

On August 30th, 2008, 20 athletes in the Bay Area played the longest game of flag football ever. The event was held at the Off the Wall Soccer[] in Santa Clara, California, with the game lasting 24 hours, 36 minutes, and 56 seconds. The four-on-four flag football game honored two storied Bay Area college football programs, featuring the Dons (in Gold and Green) facing the Broncos (wearing Cardinal and black). The Dons defeated the Broncos by the score of 1,470 to 1,265. The event benefited Play Flag Football[], a Santa Clara County based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing flag football leagues, camps, and after school programs for children. Game statistics and additional details can be found here.

Longest Time To Balance American Flag On Chin While Listening To 'God Bless The USA'

04:13 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced a pole that held a 3 x 5.5 foot American Flag[] on his chin for 58.38 seconds while listening to Lee Greenwood[]’s God Bless the USA. RecordSetterBook01

Longest Time To Balance Canadian Flag On Chin While Listening To 'God Bless Canada'

03:13 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced a pole that held a 3 x 5.5 foot Canadian flag[]on his chin for 45.66 seconds while listening to Lee Greenwood[]’s God Bless Canada.

Fastest Bagpipe Rendition Of 'Scotland The Brave' While Standing Next To A Human Flagpole

02:31 United States

Mallory Wolchuk played ’Scotland The Brave’ on bagpipes in 52.22 seconds while standing next to Doug McManaman, who balanced a Canadian flag on his chin for the entire record.

Longest Time To Balance Australian Flag On Chin While Listening To Australia's National Anthem

02:45 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced anAustralian flag on his chin for 54.65 seconds while listening to Australia’s national anthem, "Advance Australia Fair[]."

Most Brazilian Flags Fit In A Heart-Shaped Porcelain Container

03:35 United States

Aristobulo Lima placed 57 Brazilian flags in a heart-shaped porcelain container.

Most Flags Earned In Survival: Endless Mode Of "Plants Vs. Zombies"

United States

Davoodfard earned 704 flags in Survival: endless mode of Plants Vs. Zombies.

Largest White Flag Waved In Surrender

03:16 United States

Art Hoffman built a white flag measuring 93 inches wide by 68 inches long. He waved the flag in surrender to the flooding of the Ohio River[] that devastated the town of Louisville, Kentucky.

Longest Indian National Flag

01:48 India

Together with management and staff at Lotus Lap Public School Dishuknagar, Hyderabad, Dr. Venkata Chary Chintapatla. Ph.D displayed a 1,947 foot long, 4 foot wide Indian national Flag on the occasion of 64th Mega Independence Day Celebrations at Mini Tank bond Saroornagar, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India on 14th August 2010.

Longest Time To Balance The Canadian Flag On Chin At The Nova Scotia Visitor Information Centre While Wearing A Clown Suit

04:03 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced the Canadian Flag on his chin at the Nova Scotia Visitor Information Centre[] for two minutes, 22.85 seconds while wearing a clown suit.

Longest Time To Balance Four Canadian Flags On A Rotating Pole On Chin While Kneeling

01:49 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced four Canadian flags on a rotating pole on his chin for 33.34 seconds while kneeling.

Fastest Time To Name 200 Flags


K.L. Dheeraj recognized 200 different national flags in two minutes, 19.02 seconds.

Longest Flag And Mouse Trap Domino Chain

01:42 Switzerland

Dan Acher set up 499 flags inside mouse traps and set off a domino chain, with the flags triggering the mouse traps.This record was created for the Swiss National Day celebration in Geneva and was inspired by an OK GO video.

Longest Time To Balance Dominican Republic Flag On Chin While Listening To 'Valiant Quisqueyans'

03:23 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced a pole that held a 3 x 5.5 foot Dominican Republic flag on his chin for one minute, 36.23 seconds. He performed the feat while listening to 'Valiant Quisqueyans'.

Longest Time To Balance The Philippine Flag On Chin

04:48 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced a pole that held a 3 x 5.5 foot Philippine flag on his chin for 55.38 seconds. He set the record in celebration of Philippine Independence Day.

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