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Deepest Insertion Of Finger Into One's Own Nose

00:45 United States

Josh Werner inserted 2.25 inches of his pinky finger into his right nostril. tag:RecordSetterBook01

Longest Time Spinning Pillow On Finger

01:16 United States

Jason Lintjer spun a pillow on his finger for one hour, 13 minutes and 21 seconds.

Most Fingers Bent Backwards To Touch One's Own Forearm

01:04 Pakistan

Sam N. bent 10 fingers back to touch his forearm.

Most Finger-Ups With A 30 Gram Weight In 30 Seconds

00:56 United States

Sean Welsh completed 131 finger-ups while wearing a 30 gram finger weight in 30 seconds, a new world record. Welsh wore the 30 gram weight between the first and middle knuckle on his right index finger. The record was set on June 18, 2009 in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Monica Welsh was present as a witness.

Most Mouse Clicks In 10 Seconds

01:15 Norway

Tom Andre Seppola clicked three mouse buttons a total of 402 times in 10 seconds. He used the website to document the feat. (This record was also performed for 30 seconds in which he clicked 1,045 times, averaging 348 clicks per 10 seconds.)

Most Foam Fingers Worn At Once

United States

Marty Farris wore 29 foam fingers at once, a new world record. He wrapped them around his waist, torso, head and hands. All 29 were University of Oklahoma Sooners fingers. Farris set the record on June 27, 2009 in Norman, Oklahoma. Mason Willinger was present as a witness. tag:RecordSetterBook01

Longest Time To Spin A Basketball On A Pinky While Wearing A 5-Foot Fake Mustache

00:36 United States

Matt Parker spun a basketball on his pinky for 11.14 seconds while wearing a 5-foot fake mustache. He set the record on July 1, 2009 in Cheraw, South Carolina. Chad Lee was present as a witness. tag:RecordSetterBook01

Most Paper Claws Worn On An Index Finger

United States

Carver folded and wore 130 paper claws at once on his right index finger.

Most Triple Finger Snaps In 10 Seconds

00:25 Norway

Using a triple snap technique to multiply each snap into three, Morten Bentsen completed 357 triple finger snaps in 10 seconds.

Longest Hair Twirl

02:16 United States

Chris Skowronek twirled his hair nonstop for one hour, two minutes and six seconds.

Largest Group Of People Wrapping Arm Around Head To Touch Ear

United States

Fastest Time To Complete 100 Clicks On A Tally Counter

00:42 England

John Stanley clicked a tally counter 100 times in 10.60 seconds.

Longest 'Cock A Snook' Chain

01:49 United States

At the RecordSetter release party for the RecordSetter Book of World Records[], 36 people collaborated on the world’s longest cock a snook[]. The chain they created consisted of 71 hands in total.

Most Mouse Clicks In 30 Seconds

00:48 Norway

Tom Andre Seppola completed 832 mouse clicks in 30 seconds. tag:RecordSetterBook01

Most Text Messages Sent To One Person In Five Minutes

05:16 United States

Jack Webster sent 230 text messages to a friend in five minutes.

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