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Longest Paper Football Field Goal

01:47 United States

Kelley P. hit a paper football field goal from 35 feet (420 inches) away.

Most Mouse Clicks In 10 Seconds

01:15 Norway

Tom Andre Seppola clicked three mouse buttons a total of 402 times in 10 seconds. He used the website to document the feat. (This record was also performed for 30 seconds in which he clicked 1,045 times, averaging 348 clicks per 10 seconds.)

Most Knife Tapping Sets Between Fingers While Blindfolded

01:35 Canada

Ryan Stock completed 19 knife tapping sets between his fingers in 30 seconds while blindfolded. He completed a total of 20 sets but the last attempt did not fall inside the 30-second mark. NOTE: This record is dangerous. Please exercise caution when performing this feat.

Most Consecutive Four-Finger Egg-On-Spoon-In-Mouth Pull-Ups In One Minute

00:45 United States

Alicia Weber completed 6 four-finger pull-ups in one minute while balancing an egg on a spoon held in her mouth.

Longest Four-Finger Plank

01:58 Canada

Darryl Learie performed a four-finger plank exercise without using his thumbs, ring fingers and pinkies. He remained balanced in position for one minute, 35.40 seconds.

Longest Eight-Finger Plank

04:49 Canada

Darryl Learie performed a plank exercisewithout thumbs and remained balanced in position for four minutes, 27.51 seconds.

Most Mouse Clicks In 30 Seconds

00:48 Norway

Tom Andre Seppola completed 832 mouse clicks in 30 seconds. tag:RecordSetterBook01

Most Finger Snaps In 15 Seconds

00:23 Norway

Morten B. snapped his fingers 112 times in 15 seconds.

Most Dice Held Between Two Fingers

03:22 England

Stephen K. held 91 dice between his two fingers.

Most Consecutive One-Finger Push-Ups

00:47 Georgia

Kukuri Salbishvili of the Georgian Records Federation performed 17 one-finger push-ups.

Longest Six-Finger Plank

03:33 Canada

Darryl Learie performed a six-finger plank exercise without thumbs and pinkies. He remained balanced in position for three minutes, 9.54 seconds.

Most Inverted Rows Using Two Fingers On Each Hand

01:05 United States

Alicia Weber performed 25 inverted rows using two fingers on each of her hands.

Longest Time To Spin A Soccer Ball On Finger

00:33 United States

Cheung H. spun a soccer ball on his finger for 13.03 seconds.

Longest Time Spinning A Football On Finger

00:24 United States

Zach H. spun an American football on his finger for 9.81 seconds.

Most Finger Guns Fired In 10 Seconds While Dressed As A Cowboy

00:25 United States

Ferret of Sevastra The Band fired 19 finger guns in 10 seconds while dressed as a cowboy.

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