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Fewest Pennies Used To Spell "Awsum"

01:21 United States

Tai Star used 22 pennies to spell "Awsum".

Fewest Views On A YouTube Video In Two Years

02:33 United States

Jon Gardner’s video received only four views after being on YouTube for over two years.

Fewest Rolls Needed To Make A "Yahtzee" With 50 Dice

05:48 United States

Ryan S. took 15 rolls to make 50 six-sided dice all turn up the number 4, also known as a "Yahtzee."

Fewest Rounds To Have Three Pack-a-Punched Weapons, Juggernaut, Speed Cola, And Mule Kick In "Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombies"

00:25 Turkey

Atalko played 11 rounds to obtain three Pack-a-Punched weapons, Juggernaut, Speed Cola, and Mule Kick in Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombies.

Fewest Tosses To Throw A Table Tennis Ball Into A Water Glass From Two Feet Away

00:13 United States

Caleb Williams took one try to throw a ping pong ball into a glass.

Fewest Lines Completed To Achieve Highest Possible Score In Tetris (NES)

07:58 United States

Matthew Buco achieved the highest possible score of 999,999 points in Tetris (NES). He accomplished the feat with only 207 completed lines.

Fewest Rifle Shots To Hit A Spaghetti Noodle From 50 Yards Away

09:36 Canada

Doug McManaman fired three shots with a .22-caliber rifle, hitting a spaghetti noodle from 50 yards away. NOTE: Shooting is dangerous and should only be attempted by trained professionals.

Fewest Arrows Shot To Win Against Computer In Game Of "Bowman 2"

00:47 Vietnam

Hieu Pham shot one arrow to win against the computer in a game of Bowman 2.

Fewest Atlas Stone Drops Needed To Demolish A Computer Hard Drive Tower

01:42 United States

Clint Poore demolished a computer hard drive tower using an Atlas stone in five drops.

Fewest Blocks Used To Make A House In "Minecraft"

00:52 Netherlands

Jelly Penguin used three blocks to make a house in Minecraft.

Fewest Tomahawk Throws Made To Hit Five Balloons

02:39 Canada

Doug McManaman threw a tomahawk nine times, hitting five balloons.

Fewest Catches Of Three Balls In 30 Seconds While Laying On Back

00:36 United States

Pete Moyer completed 34 catches of three balls in 30 seconds while lying on his back.

Fewest Catches While Juggling Three Balls In One Minute

01:15 United States

Brian Pankey juggled three balls and caught them just 42 times in one minute.

Furthest Distance To Hit A Golf Ball Off Of The Head Of A Stuffed Turkey With A .22-Caliber Rifle

04:08 Canada

Doug McManaman fired one shot with a rifle, hitting a golf ball on the head of a stuffed turkey from 50 yards away. NOTE: This record is dangerous and should only be attempted with proper training and safety precautions.

Fewest Rolls Needed To Make A Yahtzee With 50 Dice During A Live Radio Broadcast

03:58 United States

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