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Most Honey Nut Cheerios Caught By A Face Covered In Honey In 15 Seconds

02:24 Spain

Otra Movida's writer coordinator, Kiko García, caught 265 Honey Nut Cheerios with his honey-covered face thrown by their host, Dani Martínez, in 15 seconds.

Most Liquids Put On Face In 10 Seconds

14:49 United States

Sarah G. put 17 liquid substances in her face in 10 seconds.

Most Nose Wiggles In One Minute

01:14 United States

Jake Friday wiggled his nose 117 times in one minute. tag:RecordSetterBook01

Most Pairs Of Glasses Worn At Once

00:54 United States

Daniel T. wore 36 pairs of glasses at once.

Most Pascall Swirls Stuck To Face Using Saliva

00:46 United States

Hayley Knight stuck seven Pascall Swirls to her face using saliva.

Most Pegs Attached To An 11-Year-Old Boy's Face

05:15 United States

11-year-old Mitchell B. attached 120 pegs to his face.

Most People Hit In Face With Pies While Wearing Roller Skates In 30 Seconds

03:48 Spain

Cristina Pedroche, a reporter at Otra Movida, hit 27 people in the face with pies in 30 seconds while wearing roller skates.

Most People Kissed In 10 Seconds


Elizabeth Huber kissed 21 people in 10 seconds. The feat was achieved on July, 18, 2009 at the Pitchfork Music Festival[] in Chicago. Representatives from URDB.org were present to document the record. #PF01

Most People Shoving Faces Into Cake At Once

02:14 England

120 1st Washington Scouts and their friends shoved their faces into slices of cake at the same time. They set the record during the Durham Scouts Confido Event.

Most Pieces Of Tape Taped To Face At Once

1:23:47 United States

Ben J. taped 1,145 pieces of tape to his face at once.

Most Pizza Slice Face Slaps In 15 Seconds

02:57 Canada

Mel Sampson set the record live on-air during the “The Drive Home with Mel” show on K-Rock 89.3 on September 20, 2010. TAG:RecordSetterBook01

Most Post-It Notes Attached To Face In One Minute

04:37 Italy

Silvio S. stuck 55 Post-it notes to his face in one minute.

Most Rubber Bands Stretched Over The Face

14:48 United States

Dylan Allen stretched 100 rubber bands over his face.

Most Rubber Bands Stretched Over The Head In One Minute

05:51 India

Shripad V. stretched 82 rubber bands over his face.

Most Slaps To One's Own Face In One Minute

01:58 United States

Kyle Reed slapped his own face 736 times in one minute.

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