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Longest Goblet Drumming Marathon

05:01 India

Drummer Sridhar played the darbuka (goblet drum) nonstop for 12 hours. Read more about the feat here.

Most Consecutive Table Tennis Ball Bounces Against A Wall While Playing Drums

03:02 Mexico

Alejandro Z. bounced a table tennis ball against a wall 115 times while playing drums.

Longest Drumming Marathon

01:17 Canada

Steven Gaul played the drums for 121 hours (7,260 minutes). Gaul set this record to raise money for cancer research. Read more about the event here.

Most Paradiddle Diddles In 10 Seconds

00:17 United States

Grant Clark performed paradiddle diddles 23 times in 10 seconds.

Longest Time Balancing A 10-Pound Maul On Chin While Playing An Aboriginal Drum

02:37 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced a 10-pound maul on his chin for 40.92 seconds while playing an aboriginal drum.

Most Improvised Rhymes In 2.5 Minutes While Impersonating Marlon Brando And Playing Bongo Drums


Actor Thomas Anawalt completed eight improvised rhymes in two and a half minutes while impersonating Marlon Brando and playing bongo drums[]. Anawalt set the record at a World Record Appreciation Society event held at Littlefield in Brooklyn, New York. Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson were present as witnesses. [#WRAS21][]

Longest Drum Session In New York City


Andrew W.K. drummed nonstop for 24 hours. He set the record as part of the 2013 O Music Awards in New York City. Find out more about the record here.

Most Drumbeats In 15 Seconds Wearing Prince William And Kate Middleton Masks On Hands

00:33 England

In honor of the Royal Wedding, Phil McFarlane drummed 407 beats in 15 seconds wearing Prince William and Kate Middleton masks on his hands. He used the beat counter program at drumcount.com and a drum trigger pad to count the beats.

Most Drum Double Strokes Played In Five Minutes

05:30 England

Phil McFarlane completed 5,184 double strokes on a drum in five minutes. He used a free drum beat counting program called Drumcount.com with a Roland PD–8 drumpad.

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