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Highest Score In "Disney's Frozen: Olaf's Fancy Footwork"

01:42 England

Stephen K. earned 45,071,082 points in Disney's Frozen: Olaf's Fancy Footwork.

Largest Collection Of Guinness World Record Holder Autographs By A Universal Record Database World Record Holder

United States

RecordSetter record holder Art Hoffman has Guinness World Record holder Plennie Wingo’s autograph. Hoffman bumped into Wingo in Santa Monica, California in 1973, and asked him why he was walking backwards. He discovered Wingo was in the midst of an 8000-mile trek walking backwards. Wingo had small rearview mirrors affixed to his glasses that originally caught Hoffman’s eye.

Longest Arm Walk While Balancing Egg On Spoon In Mouth

02:51 United States

Alicia Weber climbed 54 feet along parallel bars while balancing an egg on a spoon in her mouth.

Longest Back Flip On A Trampoline

00:46 Australia

Jordan L. performed a 290-centimeter back flip on a trampoline.

Longest Basketball Bank Shot

00:15 United States

David Crawford successfully banked a basketball shot off wall 42 feet away from the basket. See a diagram of basketball court and dimensions here.

Longest Chip Of A Tennis Ball Through A Door Frame Using A Golf Club

01:12 United States

Brian Winkel used a golf club to knock a tennis ball through a doorway from a distance of 103 feet (1,236 inches) away.

Longest Distance Between Two Fingers

United States

Corey stretched his index and middle finger six inches apart.

Longest Distance For A Four-Year-Old To Pull A Car Using Hair

05:21 India

Mani Shankar, a four-year-old boy, pulled a car 60 feet (720 inches) using his hair.

Longest Distance From Which To Shoot The Cap Off Of A Two-Liter Bottle

02:59 Canada

Doug McManaman placed a bottle cap on top of a two-liter bottle and shot it off from a distance of 50 yards away.

Longest Distance Ridden On A Quad Bike By A Two-Year-Old

03:25 United States

Trenton rode 10 meters on a quad bike. He was two years old when he attempted the record.

Longest Distance Run While Wearing A Gas Mask

01:21 United States

Swineful Avenger ran a distance of 60 kilometers (37.28 miles) while wearing a gas mask.

Longest Distance To Arm Walk On Bars In Five Minutes

05:56 United States

Alicia Weber arm walked 340 feet on bars in five minutes.

Longest Distance To Arm Walk On Bars In One Minute

01:37 United States

Alicia Weber arm walked 130 feet on bars in one minute.

Longest Distance To Carry A Saint Bernard

00:32 United States

Clint Poore carried his Saint Bernard, Ezekiel, three laps; each lap measures 50 feet.

Longest Distance To Shoot A Life Saver Candy Off Of A Mounted Turkey's Head

05:18 Canada

Doug McManaman shot a Life Saver candy off of the head of a mounted turkey from a distance of 65 yards away. NOTE: Shooting attempts are dangerous. These records should only be attempted with proper training and safety precautions.

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