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Longest High Five

06:51 United States

Caleb Jones and Jared Hunter of BreakBox Productions ran towards each other for a combined distance of 32.18 kilometers (20 miles) before slapping a high five. Jones started in Taylor, Arkansas while Hunter started in Magnolia Arkansas. They kept their high fiving hands raised in the air for the duration of the feat.

Farthest Distance To Throw A Hat Backwards And Pin It To Wall With Knife

00:50 Canada

Ryan Stock threw his hat backwards over his shoulder and pinned it to a wall with a knife from eight feet away. NOTE: This record is extremely dangerous and should only be attempted by trained professionals.

Longest Egg Toss Caught In A Glass Jar

00:54 United States

Tom Oppelt used a glass jar to catch an egg tossed from 246 feet (2,952 inches) away.

Longest Handstand Walk In One Minute Using Crutches

03:32 United States

Athlete Tameru Zegeye performed a handstand walk 76 meters in distance with his hands on crutches. Olympic runner Mohammed Aman, Keith Bowers of BBC, Natalie Miller of Africa for Operation Smile and Hannah Gibson of Jhpiego were present to witness the attempt. Tameru dreams to perform and travel with Cirque Du Soleil. Learn more about him here.

Shortest Distance Flown In "Jetpack Joyride" (Mobile)

00:7 England

Sam D. flew 136 meters in Jetpack Joyride.

Longest Tandem Bicycle Ride With A Full-Sized Artificial Skeleton In Back Seat

05:21 England

Kadhim Shubber rode 891 miles with a full-sized skeleton on the back seat of his tandem bicycle. He cycled from John O'Groats, Scotland to Land's End, England. He set the record to raise money for scholarship programs at Imperial College London. Read more about the feat here.

Farthest Distance To Be Carried By Other People

10:18 United States

Mark Malkoff was carried 9.4 miles by 155 random people, covering almost the entire length of Manhattan while setting the world record. He achieved the feat on December 18–19, 2009, beginning at the Staten Island Ferry[] Terminal and ending at 140th Street. Malkoff took no steps forward on his own, using only the kindness and generosity of fellow citizens to complete his trek. tag:RecordSetterBook01

Longest Sky Five

01:08 United States

Ricky and his friend jumped directly at each other from a distance of 19 feet and completed a high five before landing.

Longest Basketball Bank Shot

00:15 United States

David Crawford successfully banked a basketball shot off wall 42 feet away from the basket. See a diagram of basketball court and dimensions here.

Longest Distance To Toss A Paper Clip Into A Glass Jar

01:00 United States

Alex J. tossed a paper clip into a glass Mason jar from 18.66 feet away.

Highest Distance Jumped On "Minecraft"

00:44 United States

Ryan S. jumped 609,600 meters on Minecraft.

Farthest Distance Traveled Playing "Helicopter"

00:52 United States

A student camper from iD Tech Campus at University of Miami flew a helicopter 3,121 feet in a game of Helicopter. [#iDTech][]

Farthest Distance Driven In A Single Round Of "Hill Climb Racing"

United States

Rene drove 18,014 meters in a single round of Hill Climb Racing.

Farthest Distance Walked Carrying 50-Kilogram Weight Attached To Hair

01:08 India

Montystar Agarawal lifted a 50 kilogram weight with his hair and walked 12 meters.

Longest Football Throw Into A Basketball Hoop

00:14 United States

Kevin successfully made a shot into a basketball hoop from 120 feet away using an American football.

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