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Largest Cardboard Fort

United States

Nick Clark and members of Youth Making A Difference (YMAD) along with their sponsors Arvo and Tmbr built a cardboard box fort made of 12,301 boxes. They set the record to help raise money for an orphanage of 27 girls in Chamba, India.

Most Punched Design Jacquard Cards And Hooks Used To Make A Handloom Silk Sari

01:31 United States

E. Selvan and his team used 2,140 hooks and 245,780 punched design jacquard cards to make a handloom silk sari. The sari was named Dawn And Dusk. See other videos of the sari-making process here.

Smallest Cross Stitched Design Inside A Bottle

00:20 England

Michelle S. created a cross stitch design 12 millimeters wide and put it inside a small bottle.

Largest God's Eye

United States

Led by Kate K., a group of people created a God’s eye measuring 139 inches in width. They set the record at BOX13 ArtSpace in Houston, Texas. Roughly 50 visitors participated in wrapping the giant sticks braced in the corner with the weave-able objects piled on the gallery floor.

Youngest University Student

14:52 India

Divya Prakash Pandey was admitted to the Craft and Design Program at the School of Engineering and Technology of Indira Gandhi National Open University[] at the age of six. Pandey has had a keen interest in pottery since childhood. He has achieved remarkable results during his course by recreating the famous magic trick "Water of India", designing different patterns and creating innovative ideas.

Largest Soda Can Triangle

United States

Nolan Loughlin assembled a triangular structure made of 171 soda cans. tag:RecordSetterBook01

Fastest Time To Create An Isometric Cube Using Microsoft Word

00:04 United States

Thomas McGinniss created an isometric cube in Microsoft Word in .81 seconds.

Largest Solo Cup Pyramid

United States

Harshal Rana built a pyramid made of 3,311 Solo Cups.

Tallest Toilet Paper Roll Triangle


Peter Craig built a triangular structure out of 66 toilet paper rolls.

Largest Toilet Paper Triangle

United States

Abdullah Alshakih created a toilet paper triangle using 144 rolls of toilet paper.

Tallest Origami Tetrahedron

01:26 United States

Louis Hyde built an origami tetrahedron 31" in height. Each side of the tetrahedron is 41.5" in height. Hyde built the piece on February 21, 2010 at the 2nd Annual Brooklyn World Record Day, an event hosted by RecordSetter in conjunction with Beam Camp as part of their Inventgenuity Festival #BWRD02**

Largest Solo Cup Triangle

United States

Eric Candino, Tyler Johnson, CJ Robitsek, Chris Hein, Mike Bradely, and Michael Tischler made a triangular structure made out of 300 Solo cups. There were 24 cups at the base of the triangle. The team subtracted one cup for each tier until they got to the top.

Most Graphic Designers Dancing To "Thriller"

03:10 United States

Seven graphic designers from Alfalfa Studio and MyORB hit the streets of Soho in New York City and danced to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Smallest Gum Wrapper Origami Box

United States

Chris Ruen constructed an origami box made with a chewing gum wrapper that measured 3/4" across each side.

Tallest Stadium Built From Paper Towel Rolls, Cardboard Shirt Inserts, And Wooden Building Blocks

02:21 United States

Todd Spiro built is a stadium measuring 3 feet in height, 9 feet in length and 5 feet in width. Only paper towel rolls, cardboard shirt inserts, and wooden building blocks were used in its construction.

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