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Tallest Styrofoam Cup Tower Balanced On Chin

00:34 United States

Chris S. balanced a tower of 210 styrofoam cups on his chin.

Largest Song And Cup Performance Of "You're Gonna Miss Me"

02:49 United States

Staff and students at the Collège Saint-Bernard de Drummondville in Quebec, Canada performed the You're Gonna Miss Me Cup Rhythm. In total, 1,500 people participated in the attempt.

Fastest Consumption Of Pudding Cup

00:18 United States

Garrett's friend ate a Jell-O Pudding Cup in 3.40 seconds WARNING: Speed eating can be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt this record unless you are above the age of 18 and trained as a professional eater. We will not accept speed eating submissions from minors.

Fastest One-Handed 3-3-3 Speed Stack

00:15 United States

ASM completed a 3–3–3 speed stacking in 3.52 seconds using only one hand.

Fastest One-Handed 3-6-3 Speed Stack

00:17 United States

ASM completed a 3–6–3 speed stacking in 4.98 seconds using only one hand.

Most Times To Stack Four Dice With A Dice Cup In 30 Seconds

00:36 United States

Using classic dice stacking form, Louie Foxx stacked four dice seven times in 30 seconds.

Tallest Mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Tower

03:22 United States

Brian Pankey built a tower using Mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups 26 cups tall.

Tallest Dixie Cup Tower

01:47 United States

Ben Hinton built a Dixie cup tower with a total of 600 cups (40 stories) in height that was ultimately knocked over by his cat Meepers.

Most One-Handed Sets Of 3-6-3 Speed Stacking In One Minute

01:30 United States

ASM completed eight one-handed sets of 3–6–3 speed stacking in one minute.

Longest Time For Two People To Hold Cups Between Heads While Walking

United States

Ronnie and Danny held over 100 cups between their heads while walking for 25.15 seconds.

Tallest Plastic Cup Tower

Austin Pajcic stacked 22 plastic cups on top of each other end-to-end.

Longest Time To Balance Cup Of Tea On Hand

16:55 Canada

Doug McManaman balanced a cup of tea on his hand for 10 minutes, 27.93 seconds.

Tallest Solo Cup Tower

United States

Peyton R. stacked 405 red solo cups in a single tower.

Largest Solo Cup Pyramid

United States

Harshal Rana built a pyramid made of 3,311 Solo Cups.

Farthest Throw Of A Golf Ball To Knock Over A Cup On A Cup With A Table Tennis Ball On Top, Causing The Ball To Land In The Cup

03:30 United States

Brian Pankey threw a golf ball knocking over a cup on a cup with a table tennis ball on top, causing the table tennis ball to land in the first cup from 20 feet away.

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