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Most Kids Cooking With Their Parents At Once

02:01 United States

Inside the New York Public Library, a total of 101 kids and their parents cooked together at once. The event, hosted by celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson, was created by Uncle Ben's in an effort to encourage families cooking fresh food together. RecordSetter CEO Dan Rollman was present to adjudicate the event.

Fewest Slices Of Bacon Used To Make A Bacon Explosion

01:30 United States

Josh Bolinger used one slice of bacon to make a Bacon Explosion.

Largest Horseshoe Sandwich

02:06 United States

103.7 WDBR and Cafe Brio in Springfield, Illinois joined forces to create a horseshoe sandwich measuring 57 inches long by 44 inches wide. The project, set during World Record July, benefited the Children's Miracle Network. In total, the sandwich contained 150 pounds of ground beef, 10 pounds of Cafe Brio's signature chipotle cheese sauce, over 100 pounds of french fries tossed with garlic and sea salt, was served on over 40 pounds of homemade foccacia onion bread and weighed in at over 400 pounds.

Most Potatoes Cut Into Swirls In One Minute

03:25 Canada

Doug McManaman cut five red potatoes into swirls in one minute.

Largest Pierogi Made And Eaten

05:41 Canada

Professional eater Peter Czerwinski constructed, cooked and ate a pierogi that weighed 30 pounds. NOTE: Speed eating can be dangerous and should only be attempted by trained professionals.

Tallest Chef

02:07 United States

Chef Jeff Goldfarb stands seven feet tall. He is an active chef volunteer with Meals on Wheels to help feed the elderly and disabled.

Most Varieties Of Omelettes Cooked In Ten Minutes

05:40 India

A total of 154 students from the NIPS School of Hotel Management in Kolkata, India prepared 188 different varieties of omelette in 10 minutes. Some of the varieties cooked included salami, apple, and baby corn omelette.

Most Fish Dipped In Boiling Cooking Oil And Flipped Over With Hands

25:10 Philippines

Jess C. dipped two fish in a pan filled with boiling cooking oil and flipped them over using only his hands.

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