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Most Pirate Jokes Told in 30 Seconds

01:43 England

Kate Lawler told 11 pirate jokes in 30 seconds.

Most RecordSetter World Records Set In A YouTube Comedy Web Show Episode

04:20 United States

David and his friends set five RecordSetter world records in his YouTube comedy web show episode.

Longest Time Twerking Upside Down While Wearing A Sombrero On Butt

00:21 United States

Bryan L. of Life Lessons twerked upside down for 17.57 seconds while wearing a sombrero on his butt.

Most Honks Received From Passing Cars

02:43 United States

David L. of Life Lessons got six cars passing by the street to honk at him.

Longest "SpongeBob" Laugh

00:18 United States

Dalton J. laughed like SpongeBob for 12.36 seconds.

Most Water Drop Sounds Made With Mouth In 30 Seconds

00:33 United States

Dalton J. made 80 water drop sounds with his mouth in 30 seconds.

Longest Fake Telephone Conversation Using A Cream Cake As Telephone

20:01 United States

Melanie M. held a fake telephone conversation using a cream cake for 16 minutes, 37.74 seconds.

Most Unsuccessful World Record Attempts In 62 Seconds

01:37 United States

Henry Goldman unsuccessfully attempted 16 world records in 62 seconds.

Most Strangers Marker Mustached In 30 Seconds

01:19 United States

Dave O. led Clark marker mustached 33 people in 30 seconds. They set the record as part of their #ThrillSequence series at ONE Student Ministries in Savage, Minnesota.

Farthest Distance To Outrun "Elmer Fudd" While Wearing A Bunny Suit

01:59 United States

Brian, dressed in a bunny suit, outran "Elmer Fudd" 85 feet. He set the record as part of "In The Mix Records".

Fastest Public Treadmill Run While Wearing A Bunny Suit

01:37 United States

Brian W. ran 10 mph on a treadmill placed on a street sidewalk. He wore a full bunny suit throughout the entire attempt. Brian set the record as part of "In The Mix Records" to be presented at his high school student ministry.

Longest Chain Of People To "Pretend Faint"

00:18 United States

22 students from iD Tech Camps at UC Irvine consecutively fainted in a row.

Fastest Time To Blow Up A Balloon With Nose Until It Pops

00:33 United States

iD Tech Macalester inflated a balloon using his nose until it popped in 14.98 seconds.

Most Snorts In Ten Seconds

00:14 United States

Michael Clark snorted 58 times in 10 seconds.

Fastest 100 Yard-Dash In High Heels And A Dress

00:19 United States

Greg M. completed a 100 yard dash while wearing high heels and a dress in 17.40 seconds.

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